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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Path Of Hollow Bones Vol.1 Eclipse

Path Of Hollow Bones Vol.1 Eclipse

by October 7, 2016 Books
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by jubb david

This, Path of Hollow Bones series describes a condition society is struck by; the, fat taker effect; which, is a parentless condition; a, fall to degenerateness from a golden age; and, is written looking back a couple thousand years; from, the year four thousand sixteen to this day; where, a movement is going on all over earth; to, stand up for common law and constitutional money;

This, book tells the story of how deviance can have been normalized; and, how to heal this; happyface (jubb david), has a verifiable non controvertible claim; that, common law has  been taken away; the, STATE reckons “it” owns your property and will protect wrongdoers; even, those involved in kidnapping your child; this, is about you having turned the course away from disaster; by, the path of least resistance;

Happyface is asking you, the reader, to be a trustee; and, assist fulfill this fathers claim: give this son back his fathers rights; and, in turn reinstate common law to this land; the, book is of interest to those in the helping professions and  those aspiring to enter into such a field; providing, strategy for behavioral change and being an agent for such; in, this age of the semi-colon; all, is written in a manner of this being spoken to you; this, is about a movement that brings back constitutional currency and common law once and for all time; and, shows that our present system is defunct; most, agree that collapsing dollar and marshal law is an unfamiliar path; this, is poignant to you the reader; how, common law; which, is familiar; is, being not upheald as a right; don’t, put for tomorrow what you can do today; take, personal responsibility for the genesis of peace; read, between the covers of Eclipse – Volume One; and, I’m positive as you’ve had a taste you’ll want to read all of the volumes! love, jubb david

Download Eclipse – Path of Hollow Bones: Volume One by jubb david! Click here!

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  1. the path of hollow bones describes a wasichu fat taker effect and the fall from a Golden Age of the originals of Turtle Island

    read between the covers of these books and focus on chapters that hook your look!

    • The wasichu fat taker now holds the most powerful seat in the land. Turtlle Island fell because power struggles divided the nation of native humans. United we stand divided we fall, there is a great division happening in the country now and a new revolution is in the infancy of a just society.

  2. Love your work. The insanity of our system cannot be accepted. Power over others must go. We are all equal. We are all one. We are all sovereign beings. So so glad to see and hear the path of hollow bones.

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