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Friday, July 19th, 2019
The Path of Least Resistance – Vol 2

The Path of Least Resistance – Vol 2

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by October 7, 2016 Books
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by jubb david

Solar, eclipse; august twenty first; two thousand seventeen; begins, this count toward a moment when a verifiable vote is; all, tallied and notice sent to the provost marshal; which, is a week before the lunar eclipse of january thirty first two thousand eighteen; which, begins eclipse itself; that, notice be given to the provost marshal and equivalent in every cunt-tree; a, moratorium is had and a year be taken off; from, making any policy in banking; and, 

All, beloved learn how currency is created; so, the solar eclipse that’s coming up in two thousand seventeen; is, really the beginning of a count; where, masts have formed central hubs; until, these lunar eclipses; in, this time frame; verifiable, tick the box yes you want reform in banking votes are collected; and, verified by central masts; and, sent to the provost marshal; to, be demanding of this moratorium; the, sun is going to rise while it’s eclipsing on this day; and, at 16:48:33 UT;

Such, a touch down of such an accuracy; of, such perfection; is, the arrivedness of such a shadow of eclipse; to, pass over the earth; to, begin the count toward constitutional money being restored; and, a moratorium; and, notice being given; and, tick the box yes votes being verified; august, twenty first two thousand seventeen; is, the kickoff of such a count; this, is Eclipse day; it’s, uncanny that in advance many decades; happyface, and cloud be of a movement predicted; upon, cosmic events; ushering, this new age in; where, the earth in this moment; is, of a course of a collision; within, space; as, an engine and a count; towards, a moment where a year minus ten days exactly; is, a time frame of a total lunar eclipse to total lunar eclipse;

Such, eclipse movement here; as, what this is about on earth; is, giving an opportunity for the bringing of the law of the land back; and, common law being restored; that, constitutional money; rather, than moaning; once, and for all time is applied; and, such an eclipse is ploughing ever now toward such a juggernaut; mindless; ready, or not; you’re, on wait; not, will such a shadow of the moon; and, the cosmos; be, of such a dance incessant; for, disruption could any action; of, any beloved; not, be; read, between the covers of the Path of Hollow Bones; and, connect in to assist as an agent of change; love, jubb david


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