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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Vol.3 A Savage: Living, In i Awareness

Vol.3 A Savage: Living, In i Awareness

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by October 7, 2016 Books
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ISM’s, and negative economic inductance of an owned monopoly is engaged in war; and, has force fed usury; and, applied a corpse to be an abusive form of control above all beloved
’s heads in the world; up, to this moment; purposeful, media control love bombs you’d not have looked at the real holocaust of allowing a hand to exist above your own government; remember, government is only formed to protect property; not, extort such as has happened to Dakota’s life;

A, manufactured crisis; and, reaction and response controlled via state sponsored terroristic acts like 9-11 and 3-11; a, corpse above you judically; a, manufactured non-transparency; you’d, continue to have been waco’d; alphabet, soup land above you and i eh?; a, served operated smoke screen; holocausting, beloved; bank, looted; a, consequence of a savage winner take all; your, property totally extorted non-stop;

At, last jubb david a lucid world sage gives you eclipse; to, gain economic egalitarianism once and for all time; you, have an eclipse moment is the rosetta stone of a true re-set; the, path of hollow bones brings you into a fronteir in neuro-behavioral physiology; and, gives you eclipse; you, and i can remain with what’s familiar; and, not slide into a certain specie extinction acceleration;

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