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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Vol4 Communication Wellness Mastery (1)

Vol4 Communication Wellness Mastery (1)

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by October 7, 2016 Books
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Volume 4 Cover

I’ve, been waiting all my life; for, this moment; oh, wakan; wakan, tanka [holy stone]; the, path of hollow bones; and, this message of eclipse; is, a guide to follow; you, and i have a path forward out of this crisis; of, negative economic inductance; of, no constitutional money; for, you gain an egalitarian resource; distribution, of goods and services; via, having a stable currency system; via, being on a path of eclipse; you, assist all of us on the earth move toward a federation of united nations; under, common law; this, is you and i as beloved beyond borders; a, beloved beyond borders; this, is;

Economists, a bettered; a, hand above government style; of, the past doesn’t work; it, doesn’t work you’ve not had informed consent; nor, proper transparency; and, most are just fed up with lies like having gone to the moon; and, that pearl harbor wasn’t a set-up; and, embedded by a monopolized banking system; where, except for a few cunt-trees; that, are orphans; everyone, is part of the plantation basically; and, the banking system at the moment is designed as a war machine; it’s, wrong you and i we’d allow a corpse; that, has no central organized nervous  system; to, empty the world out of who can perceive; this, is a fundamental message of import in these works; for, you can have mates; for, this is in a time of a feather and a hammer floating together; you, pursue the path of least resistance not most; and, therefore

Eclipse, here is you saying stop to harm; to, correct such; take, a break; you, find out how currency is created; and, you continue; this, is the real reset; everything, else is just a put off for another day; you’re, asking government the world over to take a break for a year; from, making any policy in banking; from, january thirty first two thousand eighteen; to, january twenty first two thousand nineteen; a, full year minus ten days; just, happens to be a total lunar eclipse; seen, by a lot of the earth; and, is an engine naturally designed as a count comes more toward this moment; and, you can be looking back now having been part of eclipse; you, can have come back out of the rabbit hole; of, a certain collapsing dollar; and, a certain martial law in store; for, the whole of turtle island; eclipse, is the path traced; of, what incurred; that, ushers in a new golden age of peace;

Between, these covers; of, each of these path of hollow bones; is, amongst the finest diagnosis; of, the body politic in the world; and, a reading of such; like, happyface can read your body like a book; for, this is about the path of least resistance not most; if, you choose such; intelligently; and, jubb david has written herein; a, story of a kidnapping of his son; and, how you live in an elite gangster style hostage cloistered held; like, a planet; being, well; yet, this is the day you and i are demanding; you, can only join like with like; you, cannot put what’s dead above the living; and, you must bring the law of the land back; and, not allow beloved to be under a law of commerce;

Lucidly, expressed; can, you who is given a moment; as, eclipse does; have, currency again?; that, is of an economic egalitarian system?; for, i see a very grateful audience in the world; that, cares very much about the path of least resistance not most; for, why should you not learn; who, you are; you, can take heed with happyface; and, this movement; and, steal away from a predicted collapse; you, can follow jubb david’s alming of this eclipse movement; that, is set as an engine; for, all beloved beyond borders; and, therefore

Being, of a common sense; of, what’s familiar; no, words nor direction is more integrated; nor, congruent; an, ISM is an entity; and, you and i cannot have a foreign entity; be, part of deciding your fate; nor, can you care to continue to support a government that has no care for protecting property you and i have; like, a son’s right to his father; and, a father’s right to his son; and, having had an entity put above yours and my head judically; is, a kidnap; and, after eclipse it’s possible for your child to be free of such a condition; you, can be living also for all unborn; and, you install a common law check and balance on government; that, at the moment as you can see doesn’t exist; otherwise,

If, you don’t tick the box yes; you, want reform in banking; you, won’t have avoided a plummet; into, an abyss of disintegration; and, certain martial law; yet, why not value right now the infrastructure existing; you’d, be cared simply to put the bank back inside perception; currency, again constitutionally can be directed


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