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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Government Is Only Formed to Protect Your Property

Government Is Only Formed to Protect Your Property

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by December 19, 2016 Articles
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Vote, scam and a hand above government as a virtual CEO; not, working for you and i; but, the bloke up-stairs; all, beloved under commercial law; only, traded as a corps: only, looked at as a corps: and, dead before the court; a, hand above government actively creating false news; and, now apparently legally allowed to commit psy-ops on you:

You, before eclipse are legally allowed to have state sponsored domestic terrorism; is, this correct?; is, this why next to none today participate in the fake elections?; what, reason do you feel exist that most don’t listen today to the debate?;

i, know first hand no law and order exists; and, government is only formed to protect your property; yet, today still has stolen my son; all, employees under the attorney general must work to satisfy my verifiable claim;

i’ve, given plenty of notice personal; and, public; of, official misconduct; of, the kidnapping of my son by a court system; full, of void court orders: of, nothing verifiable looked at; when, relating to a child; you, are looking at a dangerous welfare in this country;

So, a court worker who can retaliate has up to this point been protected by the system the service provider has given you; that, at this moment fictional only; this, before eclipse has had its effect; for, all existing at this moment of government isn’t protecting your property; not, at all;

Fundamental, issue like stop nine eleven type of stuff is moot: a, hand above government has been allowed to give you and i a service without common law!; without, you and i having constitutional currency;

You, have to put up with no law and order; and, its easy for someone to have kidnapped your child; no, government exists you see you don’t have common law in the court room today; you, have court workers all interfering with a reliable verifiable claim; this, is real; it’s not about a stagnant spot: ok?

Eclipse, is about ridding what’s dead and fictional from being above your head; and, putting perception back where the bank is: so, currency is properly being directed; all, know criminals run turtle island;

All, know that hand existing above government has had people murdered; and, is evil and communistic by de-zion: everyone, knows that there has been an idea that is; perhaps, a couple hundred years old; and, that is not a very good de-zion at all; because, you know you are; and, this is real; and, it’s not a state to follow; join, Eclipse ok?


love happyface xxx


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