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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Mental Health Matters of a Victim: Trauma Re-Enactment Syndrome

Mental Health Matters of a Victim: Trauma Re-Enactment Syndrome

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by December 19, 2016 Articles
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A, captive’s survival is the benefit of resulted stockholm syndrome; formed; such, a relatedness continued via: a, trauma re-enactment syndrome; where, one has taken on the victor’s behavior: yet, how does intimidation; harassment; intermittent, of behavior of a beloved with another; have, caused strong emotional ties; between, two disposed in a slave servant monkey relation;

Before, eclipse has had its effect; all, you have had is a victim who is affectionate toward a captor’s controlling behavior; even, defending that behavior: you, are led to belief of “no escape”; so, a deep bond with the kidnapper can have been allowed;

You’d, hear it’s good where I am: negative, feelings toward “outsiders”; abusive, behavior “reasoned” support; where, a victim is assisting the abuser; non-ability, to engage to assist in release; to, be made whole again; are, all behaviors displayed by a kidnapped victim;

All, you have before eclipse has had its effect is an – involuntary; kicked, in survival mechanism: one, can have been reduced to infantile dependence; of, a regressed effect of narcissistic abuse: that, is what stockholm syndrome is about;

A, defense against one’s own annihilation primed and triggered; a, pre-programmed to bond with what significant care exists; to, have yet been maximized: of, safety unnecessary security; comfort, displayed power an infant’s mind attaches to: you, can gain a greater depth to; by, reading the path of hollow bones;

The, alphabet soup land or any captor condition; it, is the point of how a captor draws feelings that are genuinely seemingly positive from you; yet, this is what stockholm syndrome is; a, reaction formation: that, is but described as a trauma re-enactment syndrome:

Deepening, stockholm syndrome is engaging the highlights of a perceived threat; small, giving from the captor: isolation, from all other information sources; and, a perceived absolute; not, to be able to escape that; therefore,

A, future of a chatter target drawn toward your self; an, abuser’s attitude; aloof; distracting; interrogating; and, intimidating; and, violence socially for a target next; was, a message sent clearly; by, a witness who can’t get involved;

Others, a tv set directed; temper, violent on or off in your face suddenly: threats, perceived incurred from aggression; and, violence witnessing; therefore,

A, victim holds onto the little signs of kindness; though, most always only about the captors benefit; you, can understand how sympathy for a captor’s behavior can have developed; yet, to a deep permanent ongoing injury and damage and harm and cost of parental alienation;

A, loss of familiarity with ethical being; a, loss of a moral compass that’s called the wasi’chu effect; read, the path of hollow bones now:

Live, to will a maintained spirit emboldened; danced; related, similar to prisoners of war; an, effective greater experienced trauma dealt; an, able body’s levels of serotonin and elevated endorphin; cause, a false confidence level regularly cracked; so, therefore

A, religion fallen prey to able best a maintained self; worth, dignity sensed important mostly was only to hide a crime further; so, to you as me all be against; applied; yet, don’t think this cannot have happened to you; much, to know for worsening a condition makes to need nothing; directly, i’ve shared with all; at, all times; yet, to this point upon deaf ears perhaps; ok

Love jubb david


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