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Thursday, July 18th, 2019
A Kidnapper’s Mind and The Kidnapped

A Kidnapper’s Mind and The Kidnapped

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by December 23, 2016 Articles
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Negligent, is by clear observation; that, only what is verifiable be put that relates to all; including, a family matter; you, and I need to implement common law at the court house immediately; so, you may avoid what has happened to my son; all, courts must be required that such a service be offered;

You, and I in a common law country have an independent third party witness given immediately; who, is an officer of the court; who, as an independent third party can autograph your claim; this, is supposed to be a common law country; you, can get your property back; such, a court order can be quick to the bailiff/sheriff to be served; you, can get your property back; that’s, how it used to be; now,

A, child’s rights; not, a parent’s come first; dakota’s, abduction can be stopped and can have been prevented; for, instance such can have been ended via information that can have been brought forward; also, information can have been passed on to disagree; and, question wrong doers; and, the system that trafficked Dakota from his parent;

Who, took dakota; i, had a court order against; in my favor; yet, not if nothing is upheld eh?; it, was for me to silently observe being retaliated against; where, i’d entered a foreign entity condition; where, none i knew; nor, knew me would benefit themselves or me having existed; i, then gave fair warning; how, i do not want any foreign entity having decided my fate; period; that’s, not common law;

Remember, dakota was only three; yet, all was to get his cooperation in the order he’d be abducted; and, in the preparation phase; dakota, would not take his eyes off of me; in, the last moment i’d seen him; his, abductor; who, is a criminal; a, child and parent are to become isolated from each other; that, was Dakota and me; and, eventually the mother as well; by, a criminal; Dakota, was transported across state lines what by permission; and, a court order of protection; broken, by the criminal; who, called me to cede communication with dakota ever again;

Mostly, it is that a parent continuously is there in reassuredness do their child loved; yet, not that of an abducting surrogate who leads the child to a blatant lie concerning the custodial parent’s health; well being; demonstrating, “good parenting” a responsible loving parent can keep a child from believing any negative statement about them; yet, not those of a kidnapper; generally, ok;

A, female kidnapper is often married; and, can have desperately wanted another child; yet, be unable to justify; be, self-convinced somehow; yet, such a wrongdoer knows on some level; what, they are doing is wrong it’s just repressed; to, suffer a weaker; to, take advantage of the situation is what the kidnapper did at the time; to, have been in control; being, on top to call the shots; driven, by a weak ego; a, kidnapper doesn’t have to be mentally ill necessarily; only, the kidnapper’s own [abused by the system] childhood;

Life, early on for a kidnapper; it, isn’t uncommon to have suffered psychopathic narcissistic torment emotionally; you, have to be able to lack empathy; so, you can’t have a truthful feeling in the place of the kidnapped; not, those you stole a child from;

Its, extremely unlikely the kidnapper could not have this profile; its, what I’ve tracked up to this point; ok, you have to compartmentalize that emotion to fool the world; you, can get away with stealing another’s child; and, you can even appear very religious;

Stockholm, syndrome was identified in the wake of a robbery in Stockholm; where, hostages took the side of those who had bastardized and plundered them; when, questioned all wrongdoers in Dakota’s case remained silent; parental, alienation and also child alienation is produced by such a dysfunctional system;

Not, recognized; such, dysfunction interfered in most beloved lives; at, the local family slaughterhouse; of, nothing verifiable; and, a law of fiction merely; that, trades your child; a, bid performance and payment bond created;

A, lollipop stolen from you; in, Stockholm Syndrome; you, fall in love and are affectionate with who stole that from you; to, antagonize one toward feeling affectionate; preposterous, as it looks the captive sympathizing with the captor; apparently, counter-intuitive; caused, though by and explainable trauma bonding; and, survival identification syndrome is as such a unique set of behavioral responses; that, can have become wrongfully conditioned;

The, hostage forms an incongruous emotional bond to the perpetrators; to, develop the same negative feelings towards the real parent; some, initial ongoing isolation and austerity is necessary to get that done; the, perpetrators had a positive bond developed;

A, weak ego defends subconsciously the distortion of reality to mitigate fear and pleasure; bank, swimming to ensure survival; a, capture has to become entirely dependent upon the captor by cutting off all communication with the parent as in my claim here to you;

An, attributed survival to the captor’s small apparent act of kindness; from, benefactor to indebtedness; felt, evil; expected, where as; from, good such is received; i; never, gave permission for Dakota to have been abducted;


love happyface xxx


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