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Thursday, July 18th, 2019
A Moratorium Stops Selling Out to a Foreign Predator

A Moratorium Stops Selling Out to a Foreign Predator

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by December 23, 2016 Articles
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Currency, is induced across the localized economy; of, the whole world; equivalent, to product and service flow; from, an economic egalitarian system of sovereign treasuries in each locale; is, tuned via the whole economic egalitarian system; fiat, put to be equal exactly to product and service flow; and, is spent into circulation via government project; debt free;

What, currency is circulated is balanced by the positive inductance; and, a capacity to assist get things done with such; currency, is no longer made from debt; an, asset backed fiat currency; stimulates, mutual inductance world-wide; economic egalitarianism, is achieved via positive; not, negative inductance; all, then begins to be tuned by;

A, stable economy rather than contracting; one, alm is of a set value in perpetuity; so, nothing is over-valued; as, what the market will bare; and, a weak and declining market world-wide is of a significant import; you, don’t under estimate the danger of negative economic inductance and a monopoly of such; you, rid the earth once and for all time;

Eclipse, movement is based upon markets and free trade; constitutional, currency and common law; this, is the advocacy eclipse is paying attention to; that, government be formed only to protect your property; all, else of monopolized private owned script; insider, advantage has been an indebtedness siphon of currency away from what is positive economically got;

A, moratorium on government makes any new policy in banking for one year; is, what this eclipse movement is about; otherwise, a disaster on a scale few ever have experienced; don’t, remain un-aware; of, such an easy observable avoided crises; you, can’t have an economy importing; while, not exporting; and, you can’t have a stable economy; all, are being forced to sell to a predator external enemy;


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