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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Eclipse Isn’t into Black Hat/White Hat Conversation

Eclipse Isn’t into Black Hat/White Hat Conversation

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by December 23, 2016 Articles
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Before, eclipse has had its effect and usury erased; all, know the hand above the government wanted all lands to have been put into the trust of the papal bull; given, ownership to this hand above the government today; patsies, of a light lodge belong to a mafia of laundered currency; to, the debauchery;

You, being like the pope that issues straight; a, corps not around; this, happyface; who’s, son is kidnapped from him by wrongdoers; souls, and all the planet the pope apparently owns is wrong; it, is a monopoly; it, is a play of how not to do you; one, game only there is;

From, one grand river to another to up and annex; then, seaboarded land too; and, transport passages controlled utterly is old de-zion; a, not fashionable idea today; because, what is real is you who can perceive; and, this is recognized; a, non-localized condition versus some stagnant puddle somewhere;

Who, in history didn’t bow down to an evil monopoly was murdered is that correct?; an, evil monopoly is routed out by this eclipse movement as a serious danger to international stability; a, slide only having been to what would have been un-familiar before eclipse has had its effect; and, a real new re-set actually happens;

A, bankster monopoly utterly for death; and, a patsy really is in place is suicidal proof that not a single patsy really is supportive of you or i except; to, an apparent red wedding; as, the hand above has put it to the united nations recently;

No, one is a major supplier; as, a CEO of one of the corps is not into playing black hate/white hat; that, the FUD line before eclipse has had its effect; a, monopoly controlling both sides; OK?; war, and usury that creates such can be stopped; you, can join in with this eclipse movement; and, check the box yes you want reform in banking; ok?


love happyface xxx


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