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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
An Election Before Eclipse; Where, No Re-count Could Be: Computers Without Paper; Secretly Programmed

An Election Before Eclipse; Where, No Re-count Could Be: Computers Without Paper; Secretly Programmed

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by December 31, 2016 Articles
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A, hand above government; as, a shadowy global elite; is, only as talked about herein and in the path of hollow bones which you can download at the top of this page; all, you have is a hand controlling a world wide MENT; against, your own directed being; a, TRIP CONTROL; for, you and i; obviously, extensive extraordinary leveled and multi-directed; the, media monopolized and the opposition led; is, what’s handled; to, form “good” opinion; thus,

Sociology, psychoanalysis; and, the sciences of politic, economic and anthropology; is, applied by a bloke who owns a corps which is self financed as a monopoly; as, discussed in eclipse writings called the hand above government; that, overall has been overseeing affairs of the world plantation; such, as that you and i are acquiescing to be given that service; thus,

An, election all know a control pressure release didn’t mock a “can’t re-count!”; a, computer applied purposefully of no paper; secretly, programmed its owned company’s stock is private; all, said yes!; yet, not outside the US would you observe anything where beloved have been so gullible in history; thus,

A, building given to institute studies about the shell shock of a soldier; all, to discover the “breaking point;” under stress; to, control today; acting, patsie beloved undergo indoctrination; you, can perceive a network world-wide infrastructure; a, conduct for negative economic inductance; only, and war to fuel the bank whore’s affair;

That, hand above government originated raids of mass civilian bombing as you can read about in the literature; such, be open sourced a set up controlled lab conditions; to, induce mental illness permanently; destabilized character; new behavior generator to indulge; before, eclipse has had its effect all you can see is a controlled world agriculture;

Beloved, all over the earth can know through talk taking place allover that under the hand above government before eclipse; every, agent and agency has been making war on you and i; the, majority of corporate leaders have been brainwashed; penetrate all organizations to sow discord; this, obviously before eclipse has had its effect; thus,

A, far reaching effort for environmental control to have discussed and educated how to freeze and unfreeze value; to, turn resistance into apparent silent acquiescence; to, stamp by rubber only a sign; nothing, verifiable for no currency is to support common law so it’s just merely; to, get a daddy pay and stay the “F” away; thus,

Check, out eclipse’s action plan and mission; go, to and become an active member and anticipate the beginning of the count starting August 21st with the first solar eclipse coming up in 2017; and, learn about how you can check the box “yes” you want reform in banking; and, have a moratorium where government isn’t to make a new decision regarding banking for one full total lunar eclipse year from January 31st 2018 to January 21st 2019; one, year minus ten days you can see eclipse’s action plan having taken place between major total lunar eclipses; and, you are being asked to be jubb david’s trustee to make this verifiable claim whole; so, you are coming from an office of trust; not, profit during this time; ok;

jubb david xxx


You can connect with happyface (dr. jubb) and the Eclipse team to discover what you can do to assist with this movement by sending in a message below:

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