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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Before Eclipse Has Had Its Effect All You’ve Had Is Brain Washing

Before Eclipse Has Had Its Effect All You’ve Had Is Brain Washing

by December 31, 2016 Articles
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An, excuse for security is a program naturally to add sadism and co-hersion in with the development warfare of psycho-physiological intelligence; for, military application; by, the hand above government; is, designed to subdue you;

Controlling, the mind via neuromagnetic heterodyning; where, your privacy; and, right to be self determined is being taken away; via, satellite directed energy as a weapon; your, property of your own thought; having, been taken away from you;

Pri-son/daughter, invisible into magnetic holofractal computer synchronized technology heterodyned; so, a scanning of the beloved’s individual brainwave; was, scanned remotely from over the horizon via satellite; intelligent, signals are re-deployed; applying, heterodyning technology to spy; and, experiment on the populace;

Such, heterodyning can simulate your own internal voice; modulated, slightly above one’s ordinary auditory internal dialogue’s volume; this, so the message scanned and heterodyned is more likely paid attention to; as, this is projected to your individual brain;

A, network via mobile phone; achieved, population coverage via control of a mind remotely; and, doing such en masse; a, hand above government constantly spied on thousands; allowing, operations to be implemented with a system that’s inexpensive;

In, the country continuously; in, buildings and any inside location individuals are being tracked; monitored; via, remote resource aid technique; magnetically, stimulating the brain via magnetic frequency; and, track/identify individuals; applying, individual numbers;

Silent, converted to voice FM subliminal auditory internal dialogue is transmitted; applying, voice speech modulation to generate an applied external voice; so, such is then micro-wave pulsed; so, such is a voice to scull; via, a remote location from the beloved who is trespassed constructively upon such is; a, form of battery;

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