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Thursday, July 18th, 2019


by January 12, 2017 Articles
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For, some long time past now; you, should know there hasn’t been any constitutional currency nor common law at the court house; That, is something that I have found out; so, at this moment any sufficiently talented politician; being, full-proof; is, nothing much; therefore

A, child on Turtle Island can be kidnapped; traded by wrongdoers; and, transported illegally across state lines; and, to have remained like Dakota has in Nebraska until this day; now, if you’re like me; having, fallen into such a very deep abyss put in front of you; It’s, in moments like this that I’m sure that you also learned how to fly; good, and so it was for me; I’m sure like you; that the next moment I observed; was, like you had just become toast; now, I want you to know; that, you must be still thinking this is having come from sliced bread; and, that apparently was supposed to have been the best thing; so

I, know that without your good enthusiasm grief would have only taken over as depression; in, such a situation yet sometimes a bit awkward like a lot of stuff could have triggered you; like, maybe you were talking with another beloved and in such a time of connection; your, stomach can have been feeling like a sound; a, dying whale let’s out; so, when I see how no common law is, nor constitutional money; and, how a wrongdoer is protected today; I, don’t want to tell you; quickly, rush now and download a Path Of Hollow Bones;

Ok, now you do know that it’s my son, that wrongdoers have no verifiable claim and constructive agreement is between the parties that and no controversy is existed and all such be seasoned; and, this is his and my property; certainly, a state didn’t make my son; a, state is fictional like the holy ghost and can’t own property after eclipse has had its effect; so, to have felt you have come home; to, your child of love and affection and tenderness; yet you find out you’re not in the right home; your child kidnapped, I thought it was friends are forever

So, protected, instead of paranoid; it’s, a very weird feeling I have about those pretending to have given you a service yet out of negative economic inductance it’s totally about that court workers; own, ingratiated self; not, any service at all for you and me so;

I, remember the first day many years ago I came to turtle island; it, was Halloween; that night I remember is supposed to be the scariest night of the year; yet, I know now in this country nothing actually tops; election-night, now I can see such a sweet reward; it, was for all those pretending to be scary;

Therefore, you don’t want to have been making more problems; because, you say you’re very good at using your brain; so, anyway you should know that I can’t draw; and, this is why I am doing what I can to get back to the drawing board soon; so, you should know idiotic behavior is merely behavior only; and, this isn’t your identity; generally; certainly, at birth having had that sort of trouble where the little brain wasn’t connecting too well; with, the big brain upstairs; can, have been the case; so, it’s a good thing you have come from your deferred judgement and you can have done this also with gratified-ness; so. You can observe

Giving, wrong doers a very good reason; for, hating you for no reason; isn’t, probably yours or my style; anyway, yet if you’re like me life is the best choice; for, you know it certainly isn’t getting better by chance; so, you are maybe finding yourself wanting right now to learn more about whole brain functioning? You, consider yourself to be in the helping profession; want, to take personal responsibility for the genesis of peace? Go, to; and, download the Path of Hollow Bones;

It’s, better to be achieved in a single action multiple aims; where all you would have got in the past would have been a single action achieving a single aim;


                                                                                                                       Jubb David          

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