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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
Tradition Is “Called“ A Life In Mistake Similarly Repeated

Tradition Is “Called“ A Life In Mistake Similarly Repeated

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by January 12, 2017 Articles
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A, politician who is honest; is, a creature mythical; my, heart is closest to; so, this will be shown here; for, the idea anyone could have thought of vengeance having been my primary occupation; such, is what a Manchurian might have said about me; so, you won’t want to be easier to be seen at this moment; cause, you’re not overweight a little; anyway…

Blame, is a mental thing only; so, in any beloved where you have things go wrong; such, such goings; even, as you’re still seeing me smiling back at you thing have been going; for, i know how wrong it could have got; you’re probably at least ninety percent with me; and, the truth is for you; that, the odds for you getting it right; is, probably of fifty-fifty odds; so, therefore

Off, not showing what your thought necessarily isn’t; yet, i know you’re thinking it is important; yet, intelligence you should know must be a lot like you’re underwear; that’s, not the kind of stuff you’d wanna be seen showing around here; for, it is so that you’d not want the talk nor to be seen as a selfie; so,

Tradition, you should know is called “you’re started-thinking;” such, now you’d generally agree has been for a long time; a, life in mistake; similarly, repeated; for, you should know you’re dying generally would be if you’re normal at the slowest possible rate; of, what good health is; anyway,

For, you to observe another beloved having been blamed; and, all be assisted to have been put on; for, such maybe you’d agree; has, been the very important reason you’ve been doing teamwork; so, anyway; don’t start laughing too hard at my choice here; for, who is reading is listening is also one of my choices; ok?



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