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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


by January 13, 2017 Articles
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Stupidity, naturally isn’t a match of intelligence that’s artificial; found, at a voting booth; for, when, you’ve only been remembering the same thing; no, use it is in another beloved being a witness there; for, the many mistakes you now keep yourself company; for, always think my version is better off; and, all those sentences of yours; I, love to finish for you; so

An, example of what I’m talking about here is for instance the topic of your parents; it’s, not right that two wrongs couldn’t have a right; and, worry about them when it was; that, beloved told you to go to hell; for, wasn’t that more possibly about thinking; of, how tired you got when you got to that part; where, the conclusion was? So

Stuff, beloved watch me do; I, am very good at; until, I am being watched; for, a “lot” it means to me the word “many” was explained; and, I thank you for that, okay?

So, you should know that homeless frogs; thinking, turtles are; and, also you should know that nothing ruins a good meal more than someone telling you it was actually for tomorrow! Anyway, i know at least eighty percent of you is with me; and, twenty percent are really glad for you; about, your told problem; I’ve already looked into this; but, I know that even the bloke who discovered copper you should know; died, totally penniless! So Listen up…

When, doing unforgettable things; this, is known to improve your memory; and, this is also known for preventing old age; for, many have a high I.Q.; yet, can’t cross the road without being hit by a bus;

Artificial, intelligence only; no paper to have a re-count; Americans, will cross an ocean to fight for democracy; for, experience with you having been beaten; and, leveled down if you’re with a beloved acted idiot; don’t, be found arguing ok? At, this moment; anyway, the job i have is wanted by no one else; So, I think my job is secure; ok? Now, i want you to know on another subject matter; i, know “it’s” gonna take a little spring out of the eastern bunny’s step; however

Cuts, at the moment of the budget due a sliding dollar; is, to be felt at the end of the tunnel; for, the lights have been turned off to save cost; so, i want you to know at this point now; you, really shouldn’t say anything about that point; for, it is proven as you could have opened your mouth about such; to, one acting as an idiot; you, thought it would be better off; for, having a thought that you don’t know; what, to know; and, that is what a hurting is about; so, what you can be knowing; only, could mostly have involved an extraordinary amount of; deletion; distortion; and, generalization; so

If, someone was found dropping you off; I’m, going to give you and them a fair warning; for, I’m not too exited by anyone around you getting fined; for, littering; now, listen up; obviously, up getting and down falling isn’t a failure in my book; you, have persistence; if, you just take one step toward me; i, could be observed at any given time; taken, a hundred steps toward you; so, the only thing is i will have beforehand; let, people know; not, to bark too much back like a dog; so

Have, you ever been; where, everybody is wishing you were at your own home? Now, they all were looking and feeling like guests before you apparently started making your guest; feel, hospitable; and anyway, you should know a fine today is for doing well you get taxed; “It’s”, only before eclipse of course; yet, a fine is generally thought of for having done something seemingly wrong; and, anyway, it is bad luck that poverty and war was before Eclipse; for, it was only a letter of apology that you got; was as a certificate of your birth;

Now, i know you’re not supposed to get older; but, at the moment I feel at least ten years older already; and, right it’s been; by, health coaches afar; for, definite added years to life; and, now after following that advice most are supposed to be you would think feeling younger instead; yet, it always follows; when there is a corresponding over-reaction; as, there is for every action; now, i have always gone with the motto that; “If, I couldn’t be promoted; replaced, I can’t be” so, at this point you should know; a, stich in time is really saving nine; and, also the early bird gets the worm; and, anyway where I’ve found myself; it, is best not to be irreplaceable; therefore, you’re starting to get the big picture

For, I know that when I’ve been with you; rather, than ever having asked permission; it’s, generally far easier for me; to, apologize later; now, I know a HappyFace must be curing the world for you know; you, have heard laughing is a very good medicine; i, know also that I wouldn’t really get too much reaction from you; in, a colloidal biological joke; so, you know that I am generally in good taste; and, I know I am styling; so, you can see a dumb acting beloved; isn’t, equivalent to the artificial intelligence at a voting booth; for, especially as no paper was required; no, recount could ever be; Anyway… more later


Jubb, David



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  1. The more you’re free from, the more freedom is restrictive; An intelligent step can be taken but key is to find out what removes the shackles. Unfortunately, we live on a plane where everybody around us are our inmates and don’t want us to leave. Dedication is what allows callouses to form so the pain is no longer felt to live life naked; Man hides behind titles. We have to ask ourselves what is the difference between Gods laws and Mans laws or another way to put it-intelligence and artificial intelligence. Intelligence makes us happy, modivates us to create change. But, it always at a cost, the loss of our belief systems instilled by corporate entity’s/family in the name of love and protection. But within Gods laws it’s always greater! Thank you for your message, keeps dedication!

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