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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Having Courage: You, Don’t Want To Be The Reason Why A Lifeguard Was Hired To Protect the Genepool

Having Courage: You, Don’t Want To Be The Reason Why A Lifeguard Was Hired To Protect the Genepool

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by January 16, 2017 Articles
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The, definition of religion is the submission to authority for the sake of certainty; so, as a comparative exhaustive investigation of tenant as maximum i-awareness is about; this, is like the wheel that is moving this sun; you, can have looked upon yourself where you have left yourself behind; as, is also the cycle of your mindfulness; otherwise, such repeats mindlessly

Becoming, you experience more of; afraid, being you didn’t; and, the “sweet-bitter;” “dark-light;” “summer-winter;” the, way possible all in life experience; and, because none have said I am acting stupid; I’m, sure this is the real thing; so

Phenomenon, the finest is your compassion released; as, is a fragrance; this, is your outward lived meditation; in, i awareness; and, for you being of an added giving of joy; giving, not having asked for something in return; you, reign; yet, a beggar that’s not giving love as need only; not, is your love for desire; a, just not is love; you, may have been thinking what was going to save your life; is, having been a hypochondriac; so…

Before, eclipse all that was; was, mostly beloved wounded; often, only a heart a mind got into; not, integrated; alert, pain is; yet, missing, ongoing my beloved is; where, that memory sad made not; is, pain a body felt;

You, are timeless in i awareness; for, with my clients Iialways compromise; i, come generally admitting i’m wrong; and, my client usually agrees; so, i awareness is you of perfect de-tachment; so, since my son was kidnapped by wrongdoers; I’ve, taken to resistance training ever since; if, anyone saw me going to the gym; I’d, have been refusing to; so,

Love, is a deep abyss; you, are falling into of no boundary; you, are love; and, you are humble; as, is your outward lived meditation; love, isn’t what you can put in a wheel barrel; maturing, you love in your rising; spontaneity, remained; and, your love having fallen in; a, child that you remained; thus

Inside, you see; you, inner-stand it only comes to you; you’ve, not improved what you cannot be; a, masterpiece already; for, someone becoming of an idea; dropped; you, don’t want to be the reason; a, lifeguard was hired to protect the gene pool; don’t, you just love what this country has done for you; so

At, a time one step only taken; together, two steps taken to be power has nobody; so, as you haven’t heard yet about the eclipse movement; i, want to apologize I wasn’t part of your past; and, for that lost time; by, i am making up for by being ever more in your future; ok? Now, eclipse

Silently, sitting I have empty thought; dancing; swimming; running; and, singing; It is, simple practice; complexity, not required; and, an outward lived meditation as in i awareness is simple you, don’t want to be seen slower than a turtle; stampeding, through almond butter! Or, guacamole for that matter; Okay? Moving, and resting between, is life in balance; counting, on what continues is courage; that, it was so fatal to know what is failure; and, also i want you to know what’s final isn’t about your success; so

Life, as a race defeated twice; you, are in self-confidence of what you haven’t; for, if you’re like me; I’d, like to know if you’ve received a make up tip ever; that, you are not in the circus; or, how about this is not Halloween?

You, should know cats are easy to let out of the bag; and, that’s a whole lot easier than to do what you can to try to get them back in; adversity, and challenge at times you could have found yourself struggling to survive; and, this is you being groomed by all the day’s happiness; and, this is you being in your courage developed; otherwise

Developed, you can have not been; yet if it was not for courage i ‘ve seen in you; you’re, beyond any prefixed pattern of response to have survived; you’ve, learn how to survive; at, this point most can have appearance of being normal; until, of course the beloved becomes known by me; so, fear being absence of no fear of mastery; for, fear to resist is courage

Existence, is the greatest rebellion of usury after eclipse has had its effect; is, your creativity; you, support this i; unknown, of fear you make others not; all, be exploring as a child to direct unknown doors to have opened; a, guide as is this happy face inside of you; you, don’t want to be the proof evolution is working in reverse; okay? So

Manny, unlearned of a question is contrary to much learning without a question; aware, something inside is discovered being to the outside something not truth; unknowing, an affair loving is of your courage; for

Have, you ever experienced a stopped thought; and, you forgot to start up again? For, things could have only got worse; for, i see you were definitely born severely naked; wet; and, hungry; so

Richness, is of a dimension; and, in all processes only ever being of arriving and returning; therefore, this is the reason for the semicolon; and, not a full stop; such is of no ending; you, are polar complete; the, beginning is you in i awareness; bliss, of my inner feeling is everything sensed; by, remembering always


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