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Friday, July 19th, 2019
ECLIPSE Action Plan Is Paired To Celestial Event In The Heavens

ECLIPSE Action Plan Is Paired To Celestial Event In The Heavens

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by January 16, 2017 Articles
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A, process such as this eclipse action; you, can hear about; you, can see embodied; and, enactive of greater dynamic; all, actions are paired with actual eclipse in the heavens; to, a perspective represented as static and passive; Eclipse, moves beloved away from usury once and for all time:

Moving, turning pragmatically with the path of least resistance; So, movement and language; between, lag time and check the box yes you want reform in banking; and, the time of the moratorium;

Windows, of time don’t vary; such, is the same for all; as, is a total solar; and, lunar eclipse; all, facilitated interference is ratted out; your, asked to come from an office of trust; not, profit; thus, in a universe that’s parallel; you, find yourself in a condition parked diagonally; no-one, can say you haven’t been feeling like that; before, eclipse has had it’s effect;

Activist, of eclipse evoked what was said; paired, with such celestial events happening in the heavens; all, can see; and, participate in such; i, awareness and whole brain functioning language; and, non verbal behavior; you, are giving nectar to the vital; and, salvation to the decrepit; no-one, wants to be seen left holding on to the top of a steeple, of a church; therefore, obviously you can see;

Interacting, with specific instruction; given, you and i of a verifiable vote; and, a count for all 249 sovereign countries; and, a common law notice of such, given in on January the 23rd 2018; one week, before the beginning of the total lunar eclipse year; of, an active moratorium in government making any new decisions regarding banking; for, that one lunar eclipse year of time; minus, ten days; for, on another note;

You, don’t want your success secret to have been found out; it, was negative thinking; for, if you think you’re ugly like i do; then, please make sure you always arrive late; for, it’s not a good idea for you to have been found not purposefully looking ugly; for, its always a better photo taken, you are making some sort of weird face; for, even as a frog croaks; it, is always opening up another dimension; therefore,

Crying, to decide consciously; a, mind without emotion: a, powerful response to tears; produces, body conscious movement; and, unconsciously, motion made where in phenomenon that’s psychological; is, another example of ideomotor effect; as, is eclipse’s action on earth; eclipse, in the heavens is paired with banking reform; so,

For, you don’t want to hear a joke; when, in the mirror, you’re looking at one; for, if you don’t think you’re not too overweight; for, being alone can be un-lonely; for, you who is finally discovered of a surprised lovely; for, in that instance; you, wont want your weight count to be in the same range of numerals; as, a phone number is; nor, is it a good thing, your clothes would have been hung out the window to dry; where, sunlight coming into the room; would, have been blocking a bit too much light; so, you can see;

Once, and for all time; on, the one hand procrastination was; while, at the same time, on the other hand; you, could have been seriously unproductive; a, time wasted; for, you could be really good at multitasking like that; and, thus the body having a leaving sense; commonly, yours; that, some beloved like you, who you’re in front of is getting feelings; little, tingly ones; that, you know you are this i; so, go ahead and anticipate right now august 21st 2017; when, this vote begins; for, a notice to be given to all 249 sovereign countries; of, a moratorium in government making any decisions in banking;

Yourself, within solely arising; is, this check the box yes; such, action unconvinced is most all beloved; forces, supernatural effect attributed; such, mystic phenomenon is of an automatic check the box yes you want reform in banking all over the world; thus,

Emotion, powerful reacted unconsciously by the body politic; produced, tears for instance; you, can look at; as, an action taken to have decided consciously; a, mind empty of mental construct; without, a single lone idea to re-flexibly react sometimes; a, body politic action taken; is, reflexive merely; thus, an ideomotor dynamic; is, the pairing of a mental instruction; given, with a condition unfolding on the outside; anchored, towards what is happening internally about such; therefore

Consciously, to know that all is incurred via such leverage induction; so, an ideomotor dynamic is being applied; to, indicate a verifiable vote; and, notice, as indicated; to, restore constitutional currency and common law

Now, an ideomotor response is automatic; such, is re-flexibly done; and, extends to ideas that even can have produced saliva, and tears; now, an eclipse action is an amplified singularity upon your attention; concentrating, primarily on a functioning in i awareness; this, is the path of least resistance; all, can take to have a bank directing currency properly



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