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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Thinking: About, Featherless Bipedals As An Outsider

Thinking: About, Featherless Bipedals As An Outsider

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by January 16, 2017 Articles
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I, am extremely excited to have you read this; that, ignorance hasn’t let your education; get, in the way; i, am glad; for, you can know its not looking good when makeup being applied; won’t, assist you not looking stupid; specially, after hearing that you are not to worry; for, the few busy seconds taken i’m taken contemplating your future; so,

I, haven’t looked into the behavioral syntax of what makes you really stupid; all, up to this point i know its working really well; and, up till the last election have i personally seen many elected; so, i’m not approving of any more political jokes; enough, mistake(s) is already been approved that is now called an error; so, apparently its best to do it tomorrow; and, this is the reason why it’s important you and i have had a moratorium; you, eclipse now or apocalypse later on; so, a bank-whore and a politician have good reason to have gotten along; they, both have had a common enemy; and, in any emergency you always identify who it is blame can be put on; so, how about checking the box yes you want reform in government making any new decision(s) regarding banking for one year?

A, positive attitude i see you have possibly might not resolve your problem; especially, you’ve annoyed enough beloved; it’s, a worthwhile effort; so, you learn to wag your tail; instead, of your ton of goo i mean your TONgue; so, could this be the reason why the dog is a man’s best friend? Now, a thought like that can hit a fair-headed one like you; without, any impact; so, you have to be careful you participate in the data; and, don’t just be a spectator; so

None, much appreciate how challenging getting the eclipse movement going is; that’s the trouble with getting things always right the first time; i, don’t have as many beloved following me yet; but, i have as much authority as the black pope; anyway, what would you think about featherless bi-pedals; as, an outsider?



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