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Sunday, November 18th, 2018
Knowledge You Don’t Have Could Hurt You

Knowledge You Don’t Have Could Hurt You

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by January 17, 2017 Articles

Communication; is, the response you get back; not, what you have intended; you, distinguish and keep pristine this beloved’s identity; a, new body movement experience, is the broadest pathway for behavioral transformation; that, you can learn how to have applied the vestibular system correctly; you, can have learned about such by reading the “path of hollow bones”; for,

Can, you have asked yourself? How, can you and i have common law back at the courthouse? Now! Not, later; and, how about forming a proper government after implementing constitutional currency again; this, is the eclipse action plan for the earth; for, have you asked is this possible for me? Is, this beneficial for the earth? So, you should know four out of five people it was noted suffered with diarrhea; i, always wonder about the other one out of the five; is, it possible that’s the one that had some joy with it; so, stay focused on what i am saying,

You, can have your focus on excellence; you, know you and i have the resources necessary; contextual, and meaning re-framing; allows, an appropriately evaluated behavioral response; you, take hold of opportunity to re-frame prejudicial perception to cause a greater enriched model; in, whole brain function; so, its not too good you use too many big words; others, would have observed you as being; too, perspicacious! Okay? Now,

What, choice you and i have is to have an eclipse action; it’s, the best choice available; that, government is only formed to protect your property; and, obviously all existing at this moment in the world; has, been a monopoly in banking; that’s, funded war! That’s, all that’s been; you, and i do not live in a civilized world; wrong- doers, as court workers can have ingratiated self

Adoption, of eclipse action plan; your, behavior can be lined up for checking the box yes you want reform in banking; and, a common law third party independent witness at the courthouse; common-law, is instituted all over the earth; once, and for all time

Because, most accidents in the world are actually errors; and, have happened on a highway of usury; and, i was wondering if all were born on that highway? Ideas, you are looking for observed as a grown up; just, because you’re looking for ideas; you’ve, been asking the kids what they are going to do when they grow up; ok? So

I, would have had a lot of money; for, all time passed you said smart things; and, i am wondering why i am still broke; for, as a gambler i bet you i could stop that stuff; so

Any, system is controlled by the most flexible component; in, genius you can observe mastery over the kinesthetic self; is, of mastery over the outside world; genius, engages a sequencing of your senses as kinesthetic; auditory; and visual; such, is a preferred mode of sequencing the senses; so, such represents what is whole; a, body mind and spirit connection; therefore, can you keep the change? And, change your mind?

A, body movement is the broadest pathway for changing the MENT (mind); your, brain engages leadership; your, own initiated; partnered; and, group ability to have gained your outcome;

What, wakefulness is; is, limited; to, only seven plus or minus two chunks; your, i awareness though; is, you who is total; and, in whole brain functioning training(s); for, i’ve included myself; in, the list of those who are smart; and, don’t call themselves smart; therefore

Your, internal representation is only a map; put, by generalization; deletion; and, distortion; such, is only an approximation of reality only; can, yours be enriched? For, what’s good in life is free; and, also the shipping and handling; so, obviously

The, body is the mind’s experience of itself; you, live what you speak and speak what you live next; every, word is of a physiology; better, to be of a challenge than having labeling such as a “problem;” you, focus on what you can overcome; not, what you can’t; so

Whole-brain-functioning, has you focus on the degree of associated-ness in behavior; versus, disassociated-ness; and, integration engages interest and pleasure; you’re, ever more congruent in how you are observed; ok? Now, if i was trying to be funny here; which, would be mega-super for me; and, so having made you laugh hard; would, seem to be my super power? Now, keep in mind; knowledge, you don’t have could hurt you; so

Stay, in up time; and, learn how to get sensory-based verifiable information; make, sure all is well formed; you’ve, got rapport with listening; ok? So, i’ve always wondered why you lost; wishing; you would have won; life, isn’t always about you just winning and losing; as, others have said; the, first thing you do is forgive; all; for, all is being multiple caused; want, to learn more? Download, the “path of hollow bones;” ok?


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