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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
~No Informed Consent: Secret Weapons For A Quiet War: Before Eclipse Has Had It’s Effect

~No Informed Consent: Secret Weapons For A Quiet War: Before Eclipse Has Had It’s Effect

by January 17, 2017 Articles
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Deception, is a considered line of a monopolized lack or care of reasoned ethic; judicially, performed in the court house; before, eclipse has had its effect; for, how easy was it for a court worker to trade your child; and, also you can know on another note that no line is drawn in experimental research either; so, that what’s natural; hasn’t, been ever allowed as a controlled variable; so, failure of stealing your child isn’t an option; for, any official misconduct that is; you, make sure no protected disclosure or conduct; was; so,

A, court worker today can easily do to you what was done to me; where, your claim is converted from being a verifiable claim for your child; down, to a level of a mere complaint; of, nothing verifiable; of, no witness; no-one, to speak to; no-one, who can hear you; no, claimant; to, further the kidnapping of my son Dakota Lake; and, is it that such court workers are going along with your property not having been protected; yet, if you’ve only got what’s dead above your head; what, about that? Before, Eclipse has had its effect

Government, quasi/private/corps/ are only under articles of incorporation; yet, such can have claimed your property? Without, any common parlance? So, a child as Dakota: and, you can see simply that court workers acted as criminals:

No, court worker ever was operating from trust; yet, mere profit for them self; even, when asked to be my trustee; to, come from trust not profit; none could; all, are inducted underneath a fictional entity and work for that fictional entity; not, you or me; ok? So, you don’t want to; just, be living; ordinary, beloved are living and learning; so,

Karma, takes way too long; I’d, like to get my property back now; so, a game played you get too old to play ; such, is by the time it is you learn what has gone on; so,

Your, informed consent is a presupposed fundamental in common law; you, get informed consent today; you, don’t just do legal/medical battery on a child; that, is not a state to trade by; others, who have ingratiated self; of, my property; clearly, a pitiful process; only, having come from a system that handles “dead matters”; thus, hard work never killed anyone; yet, you shouldn’t take that chance; for,

Government, is only formed to protect your property; and, the federal court house in Phoenix i know first hand interfered with my verifiable claim; that, the service provider doesn’t have any court worker; an, independent third party witness; who, can sign off on your verifiable claim; property, that’s yours can have been returned;

You, don’t want the best part of your day to be over because it was when you; woke, up; ok? One, cannot know the meaning of a child being kidnapped today; for, example most don’t know the meaning of “most”; today, “most” may not even know the meaning of “fear;” thus, you can see that “most” is describing what is fictional; not, of a centrally organized nervous system; and, therefore

You, don’t want to have the memory; it’s, not what was done; yet, what was got away with; i, know that when i was young; a, possum’s opinion of me was always influenced; if, i had a piece of fruit; you, don’t want intelligence to be trumped by imagination; that, love is; so,

You, must hold accountable all acted-ness of official misconduct; and, you must protect whistle blowers; that, you don’t protect another’s; [and, your own] property; you, participated in stealing another’s property; might, a reason exist; that,

Up, until eclipse has had its effect; all, you have had is state sponsored domestic terrorism; for, no common law is at the court house today; as, it should by common parlance be; yet, can you name who didn’t set the charges off; on, my reality check? No, you can’t; so,

Incumbent, it is upon you; and, all beloved to actively lead; supervise; and, collaborate; to, assist all in need who are voiceless; you, have an open; not, a forceful environment for instead; after, eclipse you observe all more in a natural setting;

Yet, if no common law; no, consequence is to commit barratry; kidnap; steal, your blood and title; of, course highly unethical; before, eclipse has had its effect; even, thought it may mean you having to stand; alone, don’t be afraid; to, blow the whistle; you, don’t want to know; where, all your things are; being, equivalent to your loneliness; you, certainly aren’t as bad as beloved say you are; you’re, worse; for,

Being, so poor; you, don’t want to be the one who can’t pay; attention; so, no rationale exists not to have violated not getting informed consent from you and i; except, by acted constructive common law trespass on your property; as, a war on you; as, is incurred to me and my child Dakota; the, intense stress psychologically; isn’t, that part of you and i having been put upon by secret weapons for a silent war? We, all did spring from apes; and, i know first hand; that, court workers didn’t spring far enough; so,

To, violate you before eclipse no full disclosure was disgustingly only obedience; to, be under an entity that’s external and dead; above, its underlings of jobbery; you, get only a pretended service; yet, filled only for a court worker’s own ingratiation;

No, informed consent; no, transparency has been; so, an individual can have been traded; the, family court is a market for stock; and, to have destroyed your family utterly; you, can’t tell me that’s not so; can you?

You, definitely at this moment need idiotic behavior control; not, gun control; so, all that has been is of an accepted deviant behavior; common law must be restored immediately; and, usury ended; once, and for all time; ok? So, download “path of hollow bones;” and, go to; so, therefore

You, don’t want to be so fat as a bank-whore; you’re, the only one who could sell shade on a hot day; i, love to sleep in the shade of the day; it, makes your life longer; and, at the same time shortens the work day;



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  1. A’ho relative, I am so sorry for what you are going through, indeed for what many are going through, I was stolen from my family as a child as well. I wish to thank you for sharing your story with the world so that we may help wake people more up to reality❣❣❣

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