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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
The Brain of the Gut is Hard Wired to the Brain Upstairs: Impacting Mood and Well Being

The Brain of the Gut is Hard Wired to the Brain Upstairs: Impacting Mood and Well Being

by January 17, 2017 Articles
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An, argument that’s ambiguous relatively; and, indirectly largely based on the idea of autonomy from the brain upstairs, and, of the enteric nervous system; the, nerve force supplying your stomach; you’d, must ignore traditional exploration to argue an autonomy; for, much shows a direct connection in psychosomatic medicine; and,

Today, ever more hard science shows that the vegal enteric nervous system; innovating, nerve supplying your stomach and internal organ; is, today observed of a direct structural connection; with, your brain upstairs in your head;

Stomach, nerve by way of the enteric nervous system is of extensive input to the central nervous system; traditionally, though as only a tenuous tether; yet, such was based on absence of any morphological observation; the, ENS isn’t independent at all; as, tradition has argued; so,

Functional, peristatic movement of nutrient through your intestinal tract requires ENS cells; your, brunner gland; and, bile flow directly impacts intestinal organoid; both, motility and intestinal permeability barrier of intestine epithelial conditioning; gastro-intestinally, is equal to too numerous a number of now known; regulated, enteric nervous system functions; to, say the brain and the gut isn’t connected or hardwired to the brain upstairs; is, as indicated only having been based on theory in the past;

Eating, nutrient and processing that; beyond, further goes your belly; the, brain of the gut (the ENS) is highly integral for your well-being; and, mood having been influenced; you’d, have to think twice how this second brain impacts vital functioning; thus

The, second brain and “brain of the gut” such has been spoken about much for some forty odd years past; for, an extensive gut lining of neuron of a network most often overlooked; yet, it is an often sensation like a familiar feeling of butterflies; as, you are up on the stage in front of an audience maybe; or, your child is born etc.

A, body throughout disease is a certain key played role; and, state of motion and cognition is determined; only, partly by the big brain upstairs in your head; a, little pang and butterflies felt in the stomach; that’s, nervous intermittently inflicted; digestive, handling revealed; is, neuro transmitter importantly filled; tissue, of a neural mass is of a much deeper import than has been generally thought

The, vegal enteric nervous system comprises all nerve in your head from the 11th cranial raising your eyebrows; to, the fifth cranial nerve of swallowing; and, cardiovascular reflux; your, eyes are vital; you, see your parents facial expressions; and, in health your mirror motor neuron is engaged in your own brain; you, can automatically do what you feel; hear; and, see; yet, not if your blood brain barrier is bridged; and, you also have an already compromised leaky gut

Who, said the head’s poetry; philosophy; and, religious process; is, only a thought; wrongfully, having been said; and, that your second brain doesn’t have input; yet, I’ve always said it does, okay?

Bile, flow; gall-stone, disease is dealt with via Jubbs’ cell rejuvenation program; that, is about up-stream cleaning; you, can know this researcher is being of lifefood that is of a greatly lowered intake of phosphorus; than, the modern diet of today; lifefood, is vegetarian minus the high phosphate; like, bean and grain processed food that often has phosphate added; and, is already a food very high in phosphates itself;

A, protein, family of claudin is found in a lifefood diet; yet, radically interfered with on a dead food diet; to, have created a deficiency in such; to, exasperate enteric plexus organs as is the brunner gland; situated, above the sphincter of oddi; want, to learn more? Pick, up a copy of Jubbs’ cell rejuvenation; and, learn how to have gutted your mind; and, have minded you’re gut


Jubb, David

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  1. Loving this update to amazing work of Dr. David Jubb

  2. This really replied my problem, thank you!


    The study on cerebral cavernous malformations by researchers the University of Pennsylvania is part of a growing swell of research showing links between the gut and the brain.

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