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Sunday, May 19th, 2019
The Last Time It Happened: i, Thank Who Stuck By Your Side; For, the Five Minutes Your Brain Was Gutted

The Last Time It Happened: i, Thank Who Stuck By Your Side; For, the Five Minutes Your Brain Was Gutted

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by January 17, 2017 Articles
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What, can’t have struck you before getting into i-aware state; is, a single thought; and, this is why i am writing to you about whole brain functioning training; such, is a product developed from modeling method of the medicine beloved of turtle-island;

Especially, taught by cloud-two-children; little, to no talk what’s about such change work; as, is called the Toltec tradition; and, “the path of hollow bones”

This, researcher was given a deep insight into the internal structure of reality; and, given training in packaging and un-packaging behavior; that, you can learn more about by downloading the ten volumes of the “path of hollow bones” by going to; for, who steals all the cards; you, can’t play with too much; so, therefore you need to learn

Tracking, whole body calibration; and, analog-sculpting; and, also information about stalking a dream; the, “path of hollow bones” and cloud-two-children’s medicine training; combined, with doctoral research into how the hemisphere of the brain function in behavior; is, involved in the mediation of pleasure; and, all research done for this doctorate; including, insight about aversive states of mind; was, put into whole brain functioning training; put, into volume four through seven of the “path of hollow bones;” thus

For, if you had wanted to hear from what came out backward; you’d, have to let some wind out of the back end; yet, back then things were a little primitive; and, little to no method scientifically was evolved; Only, stuff like a frozen snapshot of the brain in action

Yet, this researcher developed an instrument for determining this ongoing internal neurological process; and, such was investigated qualitatively involving a process of observation; of, calibrating your external body movement to internal neurological workings; so, such body movement is all calibrated to inner neurological working(s); for, you don’t want to have a repeat of what happened on election night; to, have been the most confusing night; in, the ghetto;

Modern, process from the late seventies onward on turtle-island came to call this “remote viewing”; and, eventually it was called modeling; so,

”Whole-brain-functioning training,” comes from “tracking;” “stalking;” “analog sculpting”; and, whole body calibration; cloud-two-children, was awakening all to back then; and, the Toltec teaching of the “path of hollow bones;” this, researcher distinguishes for you; you, can ever be more i aware; so, for you; I, won’t want to have to thank all those people; who, stuck close to your side; the, five minutes your brain was gutted; the, last time it happened; i, don’t think you are of limited mind functioning; it’s, just that when you were; most, probably putting it down to a thought that you were having bad luck; so

I, want you to know on another note; that, i did have a gathering last night of introverts; and, none of you were invited; so, modern psychology of what’s useful; positive; resourceful; and, relies upon what you have inside is the kind of stuff eclipse movement is about; so

In, i awareness your integration is always accessible; you, learn about being integrated; instead, of having been only of a fragmented neural process; of, a limited mind functioning; okay? So, i can picture us together; even, though I am not really a good photographer; so, in i awareness such allows you to have a true empty center; and, simply have care around this; as, is affection; now, you have remained more with whole brain functioning; so, otherwise; what, bugs me; is, puns about insects; and, it’s only time; that’s, stopping all from all happening at once; so, as

Confidence, and self assertiveness is of ethical and moral consideration; compassionate; and, loving; you, can have applied a framework for eclipse action plan on the earth; so, i know i regularly see your mouth work much faster than your mind; and, you can know anger has made you act that way up to this point; so

Bundled, in between the pages of the “Path of Hollow Bones;” failure, guaranteed isn’t an option; i, know many have tried to be able to go back; yet, can’t once you have got a true healing therapeutic; and, as i didn’t like the news of election night; i am now making my own;

Whole-brain-functioning, is this preferred mode of sorting of information that is engaging a compliment of neural “integration”; such, training can assist you in your own personal development; for, you can have learned how to associate and dissociate via skillful application of the vestibular sense;

Information, is stored and retrieved from “studios of space” located three dimensionally around your body; you, apply “accessing cues” to get your information; that, was in any instant outside and beyond your recalled ongoing state; as, any conscious wakeful moment; as, indicated; is, seven plus or minus two chunks of information at any given moment; so, please don’t think laziness is what i am not working on; It, is; for, you can know the “path of hollow bones” is full of tips like a resume; of, things I hoped none would ask me to do; so, i’ve thought i’d slowly retire from this post; when, time no longer is equivalent; to, money; okay? Thank you


                                                                                                jubb david




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