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Friday, July 19th, 2019
In i Awareness: You, Are Beyond Dreaming; Wakefulness; and, Deep Sleep

In i Awareness: You, Are Beyond Dreaming; Wakefulness; and, Deep Sleep

by January 18, 2017 Articles
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In i Awareness: You, Are Beyond Dreaming; Wakefulness; and, Deep Sleep


A, readiness impulse is sent along your nerve insulative cell covering; long, before an action potential would have been sent along your nerve fiver; and, an existing anticipation pre-seeds your action; what, you can be conscious of is a limited set of seven plus or minus two chunks of information; and, is not very reliable in being overall; as, you have awareness over all of a matter;

Phylogeny, and ontogeny of an action performed is arisen from what you are not conscious of; such, pre-cedes what you have become conscious of; you, have several other than conscious driving systems; that, operate distinctly and uniquely from each other; versus, a view traditionally of merely this having been considered only as unintentional; obviously, I’ve always said love one another; and, if not just reverse the wording here, ok? so,

What, you are conscious of isn’t; what, you could be aware of; Awareness, is beyond the other three states mostly talked about including; wakeful; dreaming; and, deep sleep; for, what’s, subliminal given you isn’t equal to what’s other than conscious; yet, influencing actions taken afterwards; that, such is being future paced for you; so,

Awareness, is beyond your only having been in a state; also, dreaming; and, deep sleep; and, even in deep sleep you have awareness of such; yet, can you extract meaning of stimuli presented to you here in about; and, other stuff you’re not necessarily having to be consciously awake to;

This, researcher has clinical experimental observation to show that your other than conscious self is of an overviewing; executive, guidance influencing conscious choice; and, expression’ therefore, i don’t agree- you and i are cows with a sense of humour; cause, you’re possibly considered laughing stock; ok? so,

Colloidal, biology and symbrosis is full of taxonomy of beyond conscious- behavior-guidance-systems; you, should know your genes only give you a general tendency; so, DNA isn’t of any fixed set response as thought of in the past; and, an event cannot be anticipated; yet, you have an executive guidance system; that, is adaptive across your physiological system;

Now, i don’t know what your problem is; yet, i can bet you its not an easy one to pronounce; and, i want to apologize ahead of time; you, can have become crazy because of my directions; yet, you’ve got to give it time; I’ve, taken you on the most; scenic, route so far ok? now,

A, brain unstructured in the habit of a system that is debugged and invented; an, automatic entire absorption of an infant enables phenotypic plasticity; a, cultural guide of appropriate response values; norm; and, verbal and non-verbal languages; is, downloaded; and; by, early child hood; conditioned; so, after eclipse has had its effect you’re more i aware; so,

A, passive imitation of a self imitative tendency; and, often little to no cognitive control to inhibit such; your, outcome once triggered; without, you being conscious operates over an extended time frame without you having had any conscious mentioning going on; so, thinking all spoken is a wise beloved; and, saying all you know this is a fool; so,

An, unobtrusive imprinting of cooperation engaging the eclipse movement inside all over time beloved (come time) to check the box yes you want reform in banking; such, is set up as an idio motor dynamic; that, as celestial events unfold; so, does a verifiable vote; notice of such; and, moratorium in government being able to make any decision regarding banking for one lunar eclipse year minus ten days; so, therefore

Social, behavior is unconsciously guided by your current context; and, impulses arises from hierarchical lower brain stem up; all, is behaviorally unconsciously activated; that, the conscious mind in wakefulness can be tuned to; and, also not; yet, is still very much active; so,

An, inclination can be suppressed seemingly behaviorally; yet, not in your primary field of consciousness; functioning, more totally internally reflexively; this, researcher was taught tracking and stalking skills to apply implicit; and, explicit mind reading technique; to, allow a well formed potential action;

Holding, to a conscious centric view in the past incurred primarily from subliminal imprinting investigation; yet, you are more by blind adaptive conditioning primarily; the, brain is set up to observe via a contrastive process; and, isn’t designed as perfectly to sense change happening; that, has happened slowly; want, to learn more; go, to; and, download the Path of Hollow Bones;



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