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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
i Is The Return and Arriving Of All Knowing and Desire: Ended

i Is The Return and Arriving Of All Knowing and Desire: Ended

by February 13, 2017 Video Updates
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Beloved, innumerable surviving i aware; for, what is magnetic pervades all; itself, is this not what filled up space; yet, space itself; as, a back ground canvas; surviving, scenes painted on it; so

Trapped, you can have remained; relief, cannot be altogether manifested; you’re, not let go such; and, also experience craved you haven’t revolted from;

Consciously, remained shall humiliated suffering be borne? Conscious, about such you’d have only remained; not, witnessed; nothing, was to witness; the, formation of matter empty; i, is creation; you’d, have sought such a seat of i awareness;

Talking, in purpose is you touching reality; quiet, kept; i, aware you are in your own sanctity; and, inner solitude; worries, nothing say you; you’ve, no real inner-standing between us; this, i you’d have agreed with; involved, emotionally; unless, it is you who strongly can feel hear and see; you’re, touching reality you; ask, for self something sensory specific; thus

Awake, to you is not what you perceive in any one limited moment; could, you see yourself reflection; that’s, not yourself; a, reflection as true as a mirror; the, mirror in an image you’re not; a, mirror isn’t improved it has your reflection; thus

Can, i have given you what is beyond your desire; you, haven’t asked for yet; fear, and desire can have lost meaning; away, taken from nothing added; nothing, is to such timeless perfection; you, look i aware and out goes a sorrow; and, loss; of a grabbed searched hungry; remained; it’s, up to you you are free; thus

Going, beyond struggle and strife; is, obvious, good news; heard, to unnecessary suffering you can resolve; endless, the meaningless repeated; having, had fear, and desire bank swimming; that, such was remained; you, didn’t read the path of hollow bones; and, go to to learn more; however,

Experience, must change; yet, my harmony with the universe doesn’t; not, being who you really are; is, at the root of all desire and fear bank swimming; a, mind silent shines with ever new brilliance; your, spontaneous creative intelligence be all which is reining; obviously, you

Be, timeless now not a future; nor, past; you’re not time wasted generously entrained self moulded; are, you what you discover merely? No, becoming none can say what you are becoming; all, needed is for you to just be okay

A, self based on memory is temporary; for, i awareness is an unbroken continuity; demanded, behind such; gaps, where you know self has been forgotten; it, to i is mindlessness; and, a mind of timeless being real; you, are where a gap is; that, what’s eternal as i; in, all gaps bridging constantly; in, this dawning in up time of i you wake; life, to back what’s forgotten; is, self in gaps of your experience; so,

Happening, it is as life is of transformation; every, response your only concerned with timeless now; not, you moved from one dream to another; thus

Existence, this i exchanges nothing accepted self cherished; this, i everything is above; you, cannot have appreciated what you haven’t experienced; i, aware revealed back; you’ve, got this i that’s beyond any desire; bondage, is possession; renunciated though; comes, your freedom; a, supreme mattered motive liberates; while, all else would have enslaved; before, eclipse has had its effect



                                                                                                jubb, david


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