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Friday, August 23rd, 2019

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  1. I’m new to your website. Should I read part 1 first? Or can I read part 2, then go back and read part 1? I really love your work and inspiration, your thoughts and ideas are pushing me to whole new level. I can only take small doses at a time, to allow what your saying to really process! Although, it’s like I already know!
    I’m really interested in your solutions how to restore common law vs. man made law. Most, almost all, the people I know don’t even know the difference or even care. It’s tricky, because most people believe that God has asked them to uphold the constitution, and man made law. Their response is-how can we have order without government and law? People’s idea of God is what makes change challenging!
    Your products are absolutely amazing, I have been searching for 3 years, to find someone (doc/healer) to formulate products for the blood! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Thanks so much Steph, each volume of the Path of Hollow Bones is a stand alone work; although vol.1 – 10 is written in a progressive order one can have the joy to read each work as a stand alone; that you’d be cared assist with this movement and connect in with dr. jubb please call in (310) 755-0369 my name is looking frog

  2. The living Thought Adjuster is present in all humans. Once a moral decision is made the mind becomes the mother of and the Thought Adjuster the father of the new born soul.

  3. My path is truth, my vision is beauty, and my actions are goodness which leads to love, devotion and respect. I am human and imperfect so i stumble along the path and my eyes are weak and sometimes the vision is hazy, also there are times when decisions and actions could be better. The love i share is pure and simple, the thoughts, words, and actions are sincere. The actions are mine, the conciqunces are God’s.

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