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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Are You Aware That Most of You Is Surrendered to Operant Conditioning?

Are You Aware That Most of You Is Surrendered to Operant Conditioning?

by February 21, 2017 Video Updates
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Evolution, and aspects of our learned physical reaction; can, be more about you having been observed operating outside the box; intelligence, is the ability you and i have to have gone beyond any pre-fixed set pattern of response to have survived; free, will and individual choice; you, should question; for, is it possible you have heard many are operating from a paradigm only; and, the challenge with;

A, paradigm is; that, it is a set of rules explaining or coding sensory input; creating, a paralysis through deletion distortion and generalization; also, you can know that pre-cognitive commitment can have coded the nervous system; so, that glass ceiling and walls removed from where mosquitoes were held; shows, only some mosquitoes ventured outside where the glass ceiling and walls were;

Behavior, targeted; can, have been “triggered”; which, can have inhibited or excited by way of an overall conditional design; incurred, via various application of punishment (avoided); and, constructive reward (toward); that, can have been reinforced in you; did, you know that via positive conditioning that is repeated; it, is less likely to incur that which is negative; which, was what was being repeated;

So, regardless of your soul’s intent; previous, operant conditioning occurred; a, natural response followed; for instance; a, conditioned sanction for the undesirable behavior; may, have been imposed causing avoidance; and though you could visually watch information being presented in one channel; and, in another channel a polarized set of information simultaneously and sequentially;

Being, incongruent with each other; and, whether you’re conscious or in a state outside wakefulness; you, can see beloved taking a certain track; and, i want you to know a physiology involved in the syntax of behavior; and, it’s not that it is in a way that’s mystical; magical; or, superstitious; Operant, conditioning can have been influencing you without having you having been conscious of such;

And, how you perform in life and business can have strategy; so, as to accelerate to necessary levels that effectively organize and develop; a, trust in your environment socially built; whole, brain functioning is about modes of patterning; that, allow you and i to live more in whole of ourselves; and, you can live life more abundantly;

where, as punishment only has led to a learned helplessness pretty much; and, for it does not model a more excellent response; so, via a successive modeledness being; a, reinforcement can be gained of the desired outcome; where, as superstition would’ve only been taking coincidental occurrences as confirmation;

Focus, on excellence; be, flexible; be, in uptime; you, could learn how to marshal, sequester and flag what is important; do, you chunk info down to bite-sized pieces; do, you want to learn more?; Visit,; and, download the Path of Hollow Bones now; you, have looked inside; you, can take personal responsibility for the genesis of peace



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  1. BTW…I couldn’t see the video before, was just Betable now. Checking “Like”. Very much, specially the narrative voice in the background. Only one thing, beware to show this to anybody with OCD on bugs..And I am not kidding.

  2. Thank you for another encouraging video. I could not find whole bones to download.

    • You’re welcome Karen! thanks you for your enthusiasm for this work; Path of Hollow Bones, link to vol.1-5 is on the top menu bar; stay tuned for Vol. 6-10

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