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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
Eclipse, the Secret of the Trance: A Common Destiny You’re Not Separate From

Eclipse, the Secret of the Trance: A Common Destiny You’re Not Separate From

by February 26, 2017 Articles
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by jubb david


Alone, never will you; be, you trespassed; to, have only ever put all under what’s dead; and, fictional; only; the land; love; still; this; all, be filled; you, eclipse back; common law; and, constitutional currency; for, deserted you thought be them as late a street; at night; yet, returning and arriving now is this i; to, you who is filling them; you’d, know you can never be alone; even, as the changeless be the letter(s) my word; to you here in; and

No, place designated any where on this earth for ones own inner solitude; on, a track less traveled in the dessert where i am in silence of the high mountain plains; or, the highway; and, department and even store; or your own living room; yet,

Your, self alone like me; in, the dessert; wrapped in a blanket; not, my own; alone, even, your children’s children; by, the many swarmed invisible to this ancient shoreline; as, i sit inland; in, the winter dessert cold; i’d, scratch some notes to you; my tribe is of you who is this original; among, you awakening as is this living myth; to, the last original be; nothing, of this i was perished; i, only enlivened even more; therefore

Spirits, returning and arriving a shadow greeted in the even tide; in, a solitude somber this love be seasoned; brief, a for here rejoiced children who live here;

Two, children playing heaven is the space between them; hearted, happy; glad, parent; and, all brethren who have come before us; as, the departed touched; sympathetic affection is as my bare feet; on this ochre; earth, rich with the blood of all i am related to; i, lift my hands in your name; your, footsteps lovingly more responded to; than; what was as negative economic inductance only was; you, cannot say you’re not; too, part of this common destiny? So,

Stand, now upon dust; do, you connected to the lives of my beloved; dead, and dumb is only a thought; about, the rock; and, dust; where i sit; all, the days vanished; happy, and sad; hallowed, be this small grove; i, sit by in the dessert winter; the plains you see here; and, the distant mountain; and valley; every, little bit of dust i see before me is sacred; and, also all that moves; so

My, father’s grave; of, visiting any time; trespassed, without privilege; you, stole my son; my, blood and title; denied, will you be not that condition; made, now here; i, accept all beloved can; yet, know you; let, we decide; all, beloved be pondered of your proposition; you’re, not apart from this common destiny;


            jubb david


Read, between the covers of the Path of Hollow Bones;

Connect, with Eclipse movement and take action in the data of this time;

Be, an agent of behavioral transformation to assist eclipse usury and negative economic inductance;

once, and for all time





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