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Thursday, December 13th, 2018
Action Trumps Speech Down the Pipeline

Action Trumps Speech Down the Pipeline

by March 11, 2017 Video Updates


If, logic trumps fiction; then, why hasn’t a corps been required to have declared chemical applied in underground fracking? Do, we have in Trumps speech subject about protecting clean water and a sustainable future down the pipeline? As, wells drilled obviously have been injected under high pressure; none, can say that toxin applied is sustainable; and, that methane released won’t affect clean water; and, add to a hot house condition; is, Trumps speech not about fracking; jet, fuel; and, leaking pipe contaminate; into, fresh ground water? Is, it true there has been one pipe inspector on average for some sixteen hundred miles of pipe laid? You’d, agree that’s not sustainable; Also,

Isn’t, there a financial and environmental hazard to bottled water; filtered, and put into plastic? No, sustainable future exists without fresh water; does it? So, is Trumps speech about you seeing polluters being protected; and, water protectors jailed instead? Won’t, Trumps speech secure water for America; or, improve the quality of your life; and, reduce poverty and sickness? Is, a certain percentage of perchlorate observed in the water supply acceptable to you? For, instance

One, teaspoon of jet-fuel per every olympic size swimming pool of water on average is talked about by experts; as, having been found world wide; doesn’t, water filter down into aquifers; that, can be down there for over a bit under two-thousand years? At, this point is it not so; there, is no known cleansing protocol available for aquifer contaminant?

So, it is that at the current rate of fresh water contaminant accumulation; of, pipes leaking; and, other dirty industry; fifty, percent of all world wide available ground water will have been un-fit to drink by, 2025; might, some three billion people world-wide; face, a scarcity of fresh water at that point? What’s, Trumps speech not saying about this? Visit, to learn how to eclipse this condition;



jubb, david

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  1. Dancing Butterfly

    Thank you for your dedication to this message being heard; i wonder if we can learn more from what’s not said in trumps speech than we can from what is?; is there any topic more redacted at the moment than currency and how this is created?; and how currency influences our ability to have water be protected and a sustainable future?; a solution so simple is existing….for all….as you read the #pathofhollowbones for a #commonlaw solution to restore #constitutionalcurrency; and #eclipsenow the condition of negative economic inductance… simply feel drawn to assist with this movement…..this just makes sense….

  2. Awesome article thank you for sharing.

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