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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
Magnicity Is Composed Of Sub-luminal and Supra-luminal Velocity

Magnicity Is Composed Of Sub-luminal and Supra-luminal Velocity

by March 15, 2017 Articles
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Magnicity Is Composed (Fractals Of North South And Neutral Magneton) Of Sub and Supra Luminal Velocity

by jubb david


Magnicity, involves an infinite exchange of virtual magneton; magneton, on a scale infinitesimally smaller than a photon; and, compose a photon; and, is a quantum of magnicity; quantum, entanglement is about magnicity; that, is of forces that are sub and supra luminal; light, is extremely slow and only travels at one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second; everybody, knows that light will not pass through a piece of wood; yet, magnetic forces can; you, can see such forces dragging iron filings around as if the wood is not even there; what’s, magnetic is supra luminal and is faster than light; a, magnetic pulse is faster than light; and, therefore

Measurement, discrepancy exist when looking at what a proton is; and, everyone knows that biological transmutation is a fact; that, something is going on where the nucleus of an atom does not have a regular set width and length; it, makes sense all baryonic element on periodic chart is made up of magneton; when, considering what is faster than light you must have an observational reference point; if, your observational reference point is from a space ship traveling at the speed of light as a constant; no one, can say a ray beam turned on isn’t going to come out from the spaceship in front of it at the speed of light in relationship to the crafts constant speed as its reference point;

Communication, travels faster than the propagation of light; infinite magnicity fractalized allows for supra and sub luminal velocity; everyone, would agree that relativity and Einstein’s theory makes sense from a constant; from a fixed set point; yet, if this fixed constant is accelerating or decelerating itself; changes, this idea of fixed constant; and, yet for this explanation were considering a spacecraft that has reached the speed of light; and, is maintaining this constant; at, this constant is its still point; for, as you turn a light on it’s come out of; this, observational referenced point; to, have an observer you have to have considered what’s being seen as a mere reflection of yourself in the mirror; and, everyone knows that the reflection that your looking at is not you; yet, in I awareness you are creation; not, separated as an observer; separated, from what’s being observed; truth, is you are creation; and, not separated from what is observed; you, are a part of it; and, therefore




What’s, in between a north negative and a south positive magneton; is, a neutral magneton; with, slight east west orientations; that, result from its spin; and, such continues on into infinity in the ether; infinite, fractal magnicity allows for supra and sub luminal velocity; light, is merely as a photon simply a packet of magneton as north, south and neutral magneton; such is much finer than the wavelength of light as a Planck constant; the length that light can travel in a vacuum in a second; light, itself is composed of finer particle that is magneton; such particulate is hundreds of thousands of times faster than light; you have to consider the space that exist between the smallest hypothesized particle; and, therefore

Vision, is stimulated by a necessity existing of at least five or six quanta; such can only be perceived if its presented at or above an interval of on hundred milliseconds; what’s faster than a millisecond can not be perceived energy can not be perceived by the eye; magnicity is hundreds of thousands of times smaller than a photon of light and this is what the ether is made of; evidence, also evidence exists that supports the theory of magnicity; is confirmed by observation of biological transmutation; and, therefore

Nuclear, transmutation involves adding and subtracting magneton to create atomic nuclei; and, magneton make up all baryonic element on the periodic chart; gravity, is merely a magnetic effect of the north negative traveling in the direction of the south positive is a magnetogravitic effect; gravity has only been defined to be the speed of light in a vacuum; a thermal refrigerated and warming effect exist as one element is trans mutated into another; as, potassium is trans mutated into calcium; has a cooling and refrigerative effect; and, thermal heating effects incur when anhydride brought into the presence of a hydride; a, bank of heat exist below the freezing point of water; and, as energy is pulled out of the vacuum it is observed that it gets colder; okay?; stay tuned for more……


Love, jubb david

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