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Friday, July 19th, 2019
i Awareness: And, Maxims Of Egalitarianism

i Awareness: And, Maxims Of Egalitarianism

by March 16, 2017 Articles
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i, aware is you as savage limitless; for, this is as universe is flowing inside; the, body of this i; residing; you, make your home in me; as, i make mine in you; thus

You, know you are this i; duality, without; for, you can in egalitarianism only join like with like; a, beloved is worthy of hire; absolute, this i is within and without; completing, everything filled; universal, space surrounding you; this, i alone permeates all; so

Self, searched in is who is sought; in, reality are you what out found struggled is not? i, is certain about; are, you what is of shared fact? You, are this i; the, only fact after-all; what’s, found is you are this i; and, “its” just this one exception of this truth questioned, while all else has been given up?

i aware; nebula eye Not, are you what’s known and observed first? Are, you what is i aware; aware, i is of you who is real; who, is able to perceive and isn’t dead? Life, begets life; and, dead begets dead;

Not, are you what you perceive; you, that shows perceiving; abstract; or, concrete is nothing; that, of this space of i; centered, is timeless; empty full felt feeling; that, all is discovered not, are you? So,

Being, shoreless behind your eyes; an, obvious discovered beginning and arriving to come quicker; only, put in positive description; be, can your mind; of, this balance; inner-stand, you clearly; so,

From, come this i where appearance is suddenly to you; a, world up woken on; experienced, daily of your care; in, trust not profit; you, are this servants servant; so

Egalitarianism, is as beloved have equal responsibility; and, equal right(s); only, you who can perceive is real; where, like is put with like prevailing the law is; such, egalitarianism is common law; such, doesn’t have to be written; such, is unspoken; thus,

You, seek egalitarianism; such, is “must” for you; egalitarianism, for its own sake; you, are living in de-light; a, beloved is worthy of hire; made, whole; all, to be made whole again; the, holder of a name of egalitarian regards; so,

A, trustee of a want for failure to trust; an, allowance not is of egalitarianism; as, a fraud was cloaked; applied; as, a “shall and will;” egalitarianism, doesn’t allow; except, where injury; cost; damage, or harm was; verifiable; so, a

Gifted, total; imperfectly, a completed nothing is all in egalitarianism; between, all the sun shines upon all evenly; and, the early bird gets the worm; and, a stitch in time saves nine; egalitarianism, aids you who has a claim; who, can say i feel; hear; and, see; is, above what cannot have perception; you, reject any foreign “entity” above this i you know you are; thus, you frame things positively; you, give the benefit of a doubt; so,

Egalitarianism, is the law of the land; a, beloved cannot be held under any commercial code; you, drop the high water mark back to the ocean’s actual level; for, egalitarianism is to make whole; and, not half; you, can only serve one master; not two; all, crime happened on the land to me; so,

Hands, clean is who is egalitarian; idle, gesture isn’t required in an egalitarian world; after, eclipse has had its effect; ok? For, abhorrence of any forfeiture; you, are egalitarian; egalitarianism acts in personum; imputed, all obligation is fulfilled;

Egalitarianism, is a background canvas of i; changeless, versus, change pre-supposed; disappeared; and, appeared all comes into you who is being; into, can come anything beforehand; existence, not of proof is a lapse in memory; you, cannot be considered dead; no, such pre-supposition could ever be of life; after, eclipse has had its effect; what, power you have is you are the “holder of your name;” not, another; all, was of a mistaken identity; utterly; immoral; ok?

Knowing, without existence you can; all, you’d have been unconscious about; where, even experience you didn’t have; experience, having not; or, forgotten having sensed in what sense you were before you woke up; as, an original you are i aware; before, you were dreaming; and, even in deep sleep; you, are i aware; and, all is of an egalitarian nature; ok?


                                                                                                             jubb, david

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  1. Really great post, I definitely adore this site, keep on it.

  2. It’s difficult to locate well-informed folks on this issue, but you seem like you understand what you’re talking about!


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