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Sunday, November 18th, 2018
Diabetes Causative Factor:  Is, Wrong Ratio and Type; of, Calcium and Phosphate

Diabetes Causative Factor: Is, Wrong Ratio and Type; of, Calcium and Phosphate

by March 18, 2017 Articles

pancreas calcium phosphate CCK (cholecystokinin), or pancreozymin is secreted by enteroendocrine cells in the first segment of your intestinal tract; called, the duodenum; such, also acts to suppress your appetite; CCK, is vital for central nervous system function; and, participates in satiety; as, well as anxiety; as, will be explained;

CCK, stimulates acinar pancreatic cells to release digestive enzyme; catalyzing, fat; protein; and, carbohydrate; CCK, is extensively found throughout the Central Nervous System (CNS); elevated, CCK increases anxiety and panic attack; and, can also cause hallucination in some condition(s); secretin, is synthesized also in the duodenum; and, neutralizes pH; allowing, amylase; and, lipase; to, optimally function; and, modulates water and magneton transport of cells; of the pancreatic duct fluid and function; such, is vital;

Cholecystokinin (or CCK; and, known also as pancreozymin), enzyme is a digestive hormone responsible for all your pancreatic secretion; all, such incurs via bile release; via, it’s caused contraction of the bile bladder; in, response to fat(s); produced in the small intestine; and, you also can find CCK in the brain up-stairs; such, a hormone is vital to you regulating blood sugar and healing diabetes; and, is also integral in the CNS; so,

Where, deadfood consumption is rife; the, law of adaptive secretion of digestive enzyme holds; and, as that enzyme is not available in the food consumed; that, enzyme is robbed perpetually; to, be made by the pancreas; and, such proteolytic enzymes interfere and break down CCK; as, such can have been occurring; CCK, is other than present properly; and, in its deficiency; a, state of anxiety and panic can have incurred;

CCK (Pancreozymin), is comimageKBUposed of thirty three peptide; and, apart from causing gallbladder contraction; it, also relaxes the sphincter of oddi; bile, is released triggering pancreas function; involving, the release of extremely important fat and protein enzyme; such, a hormone as CCK (pancreozymin) impacts gastric acid secretion; and, stomach motility; by, inhibiting such; and, causes vasodilation of intestinal blood vessel also; so,

Mineral, salt has an acid anion; and, alkaline cation assist buffer pH of the blood; and, the ratio of calcium to phosphate is extremely important; and, is the reason lifefood diet be followed; that, is a ratio of about five parts calcium to two parts phosphate; such, assists oppose stress metabolism; otherwise, you’re gonna be cementing yourself; so,

A, high phosphate and low magnesium intake acutely impacts calcium; as, it’s supposed to be in the blood suspended; and, bone metabolism; a, direct association is observed; a, high phosphate to calcium is related to a greater body mass index; and, waist circumference; over-acidity, impacts blood sugar metabolism to become inhibited;

LifeHydrate, increases water pH to about nine point three; and, an excess of north negative; and, greater negative redox is inverted; dead-food, consumption reduces radically the calcium to phosphate ratio; and, such extraneous calcium phosphate ends up in all organs including the pancreas;

Neoplasm, as is all dysbiotic tissue; all, beyond the economy of what should be there normally; and, silent inflammation is caused because of calcium phosphate; including, carbonate; hydroxyapatite tri-calcium; and octacalcium; wrongful, buildup; such, crystals are found throughout all tissue including the pancreas; liver; and, gallbladder; and, pancreatic duct;

phosphate in pancreasObservation, illustrates extracellular deficiency in phosphatase; an, enzyme needed to clear excessive phosphate; and, excessive inorganic phosphate deposit is a serious deleterious effect in chondrocyte ; and, promotion of calcium phosphate crystal build up; causing, diabetes; and, too numerous other diseases as well; that, increases exponentially with age; so,

Pancreatic, calculi is far more common; you, can appreciate lifefood; that, is a low phosphate; high, calcium diet; pancreatic, calculi form similar to what forms in the salivary duct; and, gland; you, always find calculi also in the head and tail of the pancreas; also, generally you find renal calculi; mesenteric, lymph node calcified plaque in splenic aorta and vessels; and, biliary; and, urinary tract store;

In, utero diabetes begins; for, gestation stress impacts a pregnant mothers blood sugar; store, formation at birth is very common today because of a high phosphate diet; and, low calcium; stress, produces lymphatic drainage challenge; and, a lack of insulin develops; via, such wrongful consumption of a non-lifefood diet; and, then also insulin resistance; such, describes diabetes mellitus; so,

Eyesight; feet, deformation; and, challenge; kidney, failure stroke diabetic ketoacidosis; hyperosmolar coma; and, death is due to ignorance of the above fact; not, acted upon; so,

How, about picking up a copy of “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation”; and, stay tuned for a new book called “LifeHydrate: Membrane Permeability Surfactant Enhancement”;



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