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Thursday, July 18th, 2019
Is Most Un-Meat Not Healthy? Lifefood Teem Is Healthy Un-Meat

Is Most Un-Meat Not Healthy? Lifefood Teem Is Healthy Un-Meat

by March 26, 2017 Articles
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Is Most Un-Meat Not Healthy?

Lifefood Teem Is Healthy Un-Meat


Lifefood, is made of organic vegetarian food; and, as discussed in other works; an, assemblance of such; can, still be found as a cousin in the wild; lifefood, is basically observed to be: high calcium; low, phosphate; and, is primarily of monounsaturated fat; also, is of only a natural amount of disaccharide sugar; and, that you would have had to have the forces to digest flesh;

IMG_0492You, basically would have been eating substrate that would have required you; to, have the forces that can have been also put to work digesting your self; it, is the very reason in english flesh is called me-eat; such, means i eat my self; so, meat is not a good word; yet, as you say it backwards “teem” is a nice word; therefore, this article is describing to you the value of lifefood teem; and, therefore

Lifefood, is broken down into water and gas; as, discussed in colloidal biology; and, as such a protein is broken down; it, is breathed off by your lungs; so, no strange indigestible protein is seen; nor, runaway sugar; nor, diatomic enzyme resistant heavy mineral exists in such; nor, rancid fat; therefore, lifefood un-meat as is “teem” is a healthy sustainable flesh substitute; for, a future world that is healthy; moral; and, kind; so, as you look you find “imalas”; which, is salami spelled backwards; anyway, in a lifefood delicateria you can see these things hanging up in the shop; and, also you see in the display case dried cheeses; and, various cut and sliced lifefood teem; and, you are standing up for your rights;

Me-eat, and flesh food; and, even such un-meat nu-food; it’s, starting to be more popularly talked about; is, not looked at herein as really a food for our great ape specie; non-lifefood, flesh food from cruelty to animals; has, N-glyco nuerominic acid in it; that, is a highly inflammatory sugar; and, you and i have no enzyme ever observed to be able to break such down; all, such flesh food and all un-meat at this moment is also not really too kind; yet, is very high in phosphate and low in calcium; quite, the opposite of lifefood; can, you see the light?



All, un-meat non-lifefood is not of a unnatural amount of indigestible protein; nor, excessive inflammatory rancid fat; as, is all non-lifefood flesh; and, therefore un-meat on the market as it is being discussed herein; it, is being suggested to you such may not be better for you; no, principle of lifefood is applied; so, such un-meat observed can have tended to be not really very healthy; nor, really sustainable; and, therefore; don’t, give up the fight;

Lifefood, “teem” is basically “meat” spelled backward; the, a and e simply swapped out and the word simply reversed; the, word basically reversed on itself; we, have “anut”; as, is “tuna” spelled backward; and, as indicated “imalas” is salami spelled backward; and, “nekchic” is basically “chicken” spelled backward; and, such lifefood mimics as far as texture; and, taste; and, an observed sustainable satisfied feeling is existing after eating such lifefood teem un-meat; and, therefore

Nootropic, brain food is what lifefood teem is; as, is talked about herein; so, you can also have your nerve damage repaired; and, such vital cells are observed regrown; eating, lifefood team; you, can have a feeling of romantic love truly; for, such an un-meat lifefood is cultured with specialized unnamed-9lifecolloid; that, is observed to produce “hericenone” and “erinacerin”; that, both substances is shown to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in our great ape specie of wo/man; and, such substances stimulate a similar level in your blood; that, raise NGF a level only seen in those who are deeply in romantic love; and, therefore

Neoplastic, condition is also reduced via such un-meat lifefood teem; for, it is designed to be an immune stimulant; and, also contains natural pacifarin that is of natural anti-biotic; that, is also full of fibrolytic enzyme that dissolves generally non-dissolvable neoplastic outer covering; such, dysbiotic encystment has its outer proteinaceous covering dissolved; that, would ordinarily have cloaked such a condition from being cleared away by phagocytic cell; so, how about learning more about lifefood; and, applying such insights; ok?



jubb david xxx

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  1. This is an amazing insight into restoring nerve force in a manner which is easy and fun; i’ve worked with happyface and seen the miracle of one individual completely healing up from degenerative disease of nerve condition; a beloved who had lived a life in prison inside self given the ability to move free again; i’ve heard happyface say many times, one beloved healing up is fantastic; and as ten thousand have healed up; that’s the miracle; beautiful work mate;

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