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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Lifeceramic Is Sustainable Natural Material: For Your Healthy Lifehouse Abode

Lifeceramic Is Sustainable Natural Material: For Your Healthy Lifehouse Abode

by March 26, 2017 Articles, Lifehouse
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Lifeceramic, is observed to be a magnesium and organic acid bonding super-ceramic; bonds, to itself; is, hygroscopic; which, as discussed herein assists the ability of a wall to breathe; as, such dysbiotic lifecolloid are less than allowed to thrive on such material; and, therefore


Lifeceramic, binder is created via applying organic citric acid; to, create reaction with magnesium and potassium; in, a wet solution; and, such lifeceramic sets up at room temperature; and, forms very dense crystalline material during the reaction; and, all hazardous and contaminant becomes bound up to form insoluble particulate; and, so


Lifeceramic, is a bonding between the anionic and cationic material; and, contaminant is micro-encapsulated; ingredients for lifeceramic include magnesium oxide; citric, acid; mono potassium phosphate; and, water; combined, with earth; and, fly ash; using, mono-unsaturated fat from coconut; wollastonite; and plant cellulose material;


Lifecolloid, in the soil is applied and is extremely useful; because, enormous amounts of enzymes exist in such; and, provides a far infrared radiation back to the occupants dwelling in such a lifehouse abode; sodium hydroxide; and, boric acid; surfactant, as lifehydrate is added; such, is the primary ingredients applied in lifeceramic;


This, researcher ended up with shards of ceramic; some, coming from ancient japan; and, it was of an interest to look into how ceramic was applied by the Poverty point indians in north america; which, was the new york city of the world three thousand years ago; to, see how shape affected heat given off;


How, firing temperature caused some containers to breathe more and for water to pass through the ceramic; how some ceramics have a non-stick non-caking property; and, how food can be remained fresh as a result of bringing in a glaze that has the first twenty seven odd elements on the periodic chart within it; and, how such assists to cause far infrared radiation to be radiated back;


Lifeceramic, is formulated with combinations of fine quartz, gemstone, magnetite, pyrite, iron, and luminescent material; to, provide paramagnetic; diamagnetic; ferromagnetic; pyromagnetic; and piezomagnetic qualities; such, assists with the magnetic currents causing food to be remained more fresh; eco-sterilizing, food; blocking, and stopping dysbiosis;


unnamed-3As, lifeceramic is submerged in water it assists to structure water; and, clean it; and, causes many fine streams to be released of gas as air; for, such extremely small micropore exists; this, researcher has shown how such material has anti-neoplastic effect; and, maximizes softening of water; and, has a very enhanced overall vitalization effect; for, occupants of a lifehouse made of such material; and, lifeceramic balls have been made by this researcher; which, structure and purify water;


Many, years ago when this researcher first met Cloud Two Children; it, was not uncommon for a medicine blanket to be outside the lodge; items, were placed; you, could pass by; and, sometimes something on that blanket said “pick me”; and, it was for me to one day see a tiny piece of pottery on that blanket; and, as I picked it up, Cloud told me it was the oldest piece possessed;


Sentimental, value was great because it was a personal piece that had been passed down through three generations of medicine people on turtle island; it, was of a beautiful red ochre ceramic and could be blown into; and, could produce two pure notes; i, was instructed that these notes assisted clear away pathogen from the body; causing, those who heard these sounds to be healed;


And, it was during a long apprenticeship with Cloud that I also picked up other ceramic shards; some, identified from poverty point; of, which I then spent some time investigating in the early nineteen nineties; during, the course of surface soil investigations at poverty point numerous shards of ceramic was uncovered; that, was applied in the preparation of food; wood, had become more scarce around the civilization; and,


This, bird clan had taken to preparing food more with heat that emanated from these knuckles; such, have a shape which cause heat to be more or less radiant; and, were placed in insulative areas in the ground to assist with food preparation; it, was a time back then when the originals were trading shiny bones (precious metal) for soapstone; such, soapstone was valued because you can make vessels from it to store food;


Originals, noticed that you can put large dolomite basalt rocks within a close proximity of an abode; and,in and around an abode; and, in a garden causes pests to be dispersed; around, a broad area of the dolomite; another, shard coming from Cloud it was said was very ancient; and, from japan; which, meant laminar material in the ancient Atlantean tongue;


This, particular shard came from a vessel that was for storage of food; it, was made out of the first twenty six elements on the periodic chart; and, had an iron pyrite copper raku glaze; shape, of these vessels were all circular; Cloud, said there was no such thing as anything that kept things fresh not being round; also, such is made of what life is; and,


Atoms, of such radiate energy back from organic material into itself; causing, more orderliness within to be remained; and, so it was for me to find lifecolloid as the most suitable material to inoculate such ceramic in the fermentation process; that, was mixed within the hydrosol with clay; along, with magnesium oxides, ash; upon analysis, it was discovered that such pottery contained organic acids within it; and, upon application of such materials it was observed to see things via cold fusion set up as a ceramic;


During, the course of many years of investigation; this, researcher was interested in food preparation and storage container; and, was able to in a lab examine enormous variety of shards of pottery from around the earth including ancient “megaceramic” vesel; it, was observed that a fermentation process was incurred in the ceramic before firing; and, that most of these vessels were all spherical; some, were large and semi-buried in the earth; that, were wide open mouthed with a thin rim; where, a cover was placed over the top of; and, such weighed about eight hundred pounds; and, therefore


unnamed-6Cloud, told me that various sound-songs were used in time gone by in making medicines and food; for instance, sound was applied going down the scale; while, the material was spun to the left; it, would then be slightly agitated to the right; then, back again to the left; all, the time sound would be made of melody going down the scale; during, this time it was discovered the semiconductive properties of certain shards of ceramic; over, others; Cloud, also instructed this researcher in the phases of the moon and planets; and effect such has upon materials when they’re combined;


Dome shaped, lifehouse made of lifeceramic was seen to be fully constructed; that, it perfectly maintained it’s own temperature; via, open convection design; lifehouse, ceramic construction is the wave of the future; for, being surrounded by older material versus younger causes you to have a longer life; Cloud, said the ancient ones had a very sophisticated biomagnetic awareness; and, it was for this researcher to have for a moment of time a piece of ceramic that was from the paleolithic culture some 13,000 years ago; such, had exotic monatomic element mineral content in the earthenware; that, matched composition of synthetic stone; made, in megalithic stone complexes around the earth;


Petrological, analysis shows semiconductive properties of various ancient firestone; for instance, in pyramid complexes the world over similar semi-conductive earthenware and large stone lintels having piezo-magnetic properties; heat, resistant; and, other properties at this point too numerous to mention certainly was noted that such a resonation is what causes life to become more vitalized;


Simple, lifehouses with semiconductive inclusion all gaining terrestrial energy as a result of being more subterranean; and, spectacular natural hewn surface and staircases and spiraling shape have been found; that, are recessed down into the earth; and, such beautiful domed chambers have washed interior walls; and, some trim of red ochre and black sand inside;


A, burnished darkened coloring is produced using north negative based glaze that’s made from wood ashes; that, is very thin and lightweight; that, has pyromagnetic mineral crystalline health benefit as properties; and, some such shards of pottery have been found that go back at least eleven thousand years ago; thin, slurries consisting of water, wood ash, and magnesium; and, organic acids; were, mixed with leaf mulch;


unnamed-8If, you would look at lifeceramic cross-section under one hundred times magnification shows extreme fine network of monatomic organic nutrient being present; and very fine small pores within such; which, is completely different from ceramics known today; such, a ceramic has a gas permeability when you look at this under a more high powered magnification; yet, completely impermeable to water; and, therefore
Born, was this insight of lifefood cheese; and, lifefood teem; such, as kenoji as this researcher has talked about; and, tama shoyu (factor x); all, being made in such a lifeceramic vessel; is, what a lifehouse sustainable community can be applying in the production of such foods; Cloud, said such material it was said could breathe; and, magnetic currents could be picked up so terrestrial energy could be combined; ever, more vitality could be imbued within life; for, dysbiosis could forever be cleared away; ok? stay, tuned for more exciting information on Lifehouse Sustainable Communities and read the “Path of Hollow Bones” to awaken this insight in you…….



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