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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Lifehouse Conceptual Design Applies Passive Thermal Bank

Lifehouse Conceptual Design Applies Passive Thermal Bank

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by March 26, 2017 Articles, Lifehouse
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A simple underground lifehouse design applies a spray gun which can texturize lifeceramic; domes, are made with hexagonal and pentagonal hubs; five, and six hub domes are built over a thermal mass insulated slab foundation; and, a novel insulating water resistant cover is applied around the lifehouse; that, is covering the surrounding soil encasing the lifehouse; so, that the sun’s energy in the summer can be soaked up and stored; this, heat is applied for cold nights and cold seasons; so, that no energy is needed to maintain the temperature at sixty eight degrees; and, so
Unique, basic concepts are followed in forming a lifehouse; that, as discussed herein is distinct from conventional building systems; first, some ten percent of the lifehouse surface is glass that is covered with a shade; and, can be open to the outside air; also, as is talked about in other articles by this researcher the earth is insulated around the house; dryness, is maintained over the insulation layer by waterproofing; drainage, is carefully directed away from the lifehouse; ventilation, tubes that assist apply such earth as a thermal bank; causes, natural convection driven flow of air through the lifehouse; so, as presented herein the temperature is permanently moderated at sixty eight degrees; such, ventilation acts as a counterflow heat exchanger; and, therefore

Now, I’m going to tell you on another note the material lifehouse applies is a lifeceramic; which, as this researcher discusses will enhance far infrared radiation; and, make such lifehouses extend the occupants life; and, a thermal mass is applied on the inside of the shelter; and, that such is more insulated towards the outside; earth, being warmed up around the lifehouse allows the ambient temperature of the lifehouse to be a moderate sixty eight degrees right throughout the entire year; as, discussed in other works heat conduction transfers heat through the walls into the soil and vice versa; soil, temperature is affected some twenty one feet around the structure; such, structure isolates the soil from the harsh external environmental air temperature; and, you can feel comfort all year in any climate; and, sounnamed-16

Concept, of a lifehouse comes about because of a meeting of an architect; who, we can call the pharaoh’s architect; circular, open thermal convection driven system draws upon outdoor ambient temperature; such, heats the house in summer and transfers that warmth through varied four inch agi-pipe; so, that it transfers that heat through the agi-pipe; and, passes that warmth into the soil into the thermal bank that’s cooler; which, as this researcher talks about is then drawn upon in the winter; such, a system is acting as a heat exchange; eventually, coming to become stabilized; these, tubes are wrapped around the lifehouse and are thirty feet or so in length; open, up at the ground level; so, you tap into the outside air; intake, comes in and travels and empties out the top of the dome; and, the air is then pulled out of the home;

This, researcher has been educated all about lifehouse design ever since meeting a pharaoh’s architect; who, explained the open thermal convection driven system as it can be applied to any home; at ,the moment we are having ongoing investigation into the use of soil where the abode is built; and, applying such to make lifeceramic; which, is talked about in other works; ever, more detailed explanation of this concept can be got by calling jonathan (red dog) at (541) 254-4481;

So, a lifehouse is really storing warmth in a bank of soil that then is released in winter; because, it then is able to radiate back into the house; ok? stay tuned for more exciting information on Lifehouse Sustainable Community coming up soon; download, and read the Path of Hollow Bones to learn more about these and many other deep insights; and, connect in to participate in this movement…..


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