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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Evolution of Lifeceramic

Evolution of Lifeceramic

by March 28, 2017 Articles, Lifehouse
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unnamed-18Discovery, of lifeceramic is concurrent with evolution of knowledge held in past golden ages; and, used for making a range of trinkets, terraforming, and earthworks; early, lifeceramic was used for food preparation; such, was heated up in place of wood and would radiate its energy into the food; and, such lifeceramic was shaped in certain shapes which could contain ever more heat; and, insulation; and, on another note: thatched roofs were used; and, lifeceramic walls were used for houses; or, for shelter; and earthen-lifeceramic was used for holding water and food to keep it fresh;


Past, civilizations during the golden ages used binding mechanisms to put particles together in a desired shape; ancient, pyramids found in crimean peninsula; which, are buried at the moment; have, been dated and go back at least thirty seven thousand years; such, civilization had access to plasma understanding; in, the generation of magnicity; that, was being applied to make textiles; and, laminar materials and ceramics; and, in terms of housing and recreation and work dwellings; lifecolloid, as lithophile was combined with rock, minerals, and dirt; as, such is readily available;


unnamed-19Nothing, need be transported; all, needed is found close by; a, lifehouse design is built into the earth; so, it makes use of a thermal mass; such, is able to become stabilized; where, you are is existing a substance already; to, build your dwelling; so, transport of materials for building a dwelling is eliminated; and, the least amount of biomass is taken; as, you can see that biomass is actually put back; and, hence all is already there where the dwelling would be built; such, become the raw materials;


Fire, is observed and is known in early stages of civilization; and, fired product is made easily; yet, in spite of advances of ceramics; scientific, insight came ever more as the fourth state of matter was noted; and, the development of plasma and the science of material; ceramic, science is only few hundred years old, really; describing cold fusion; and, non external heat needing binding mechanisms function; high temperature diffusion of particulate substrate from the local surrounding earth as material is of atoms between particle; and, fusion of particle; or, lifeceramic enzymatic bonding engages two basic binding processes;

Ceramification, is the process of lifeceramic; while, the other style is more a cement requiring a higher firing temperature; applied, fabricating most all ceramic;

Hydraulic, cement on the one hand emphasizes chemical bonding versus application of high temperature; casting, being advantageous; in, relation to having to apply high temperature ceramic; most, all cement at the moment is hydraulic; which, is weaker because no crystalline binding is applied; yet, lifeceramic is identified crystalline structure; excluding, glass; that, is non-crystalline yet requires a very high temperature; crystal, structure of ceramic distinguishes a ceramic from a cement; and, so


lifeceramic lifehouse

happyface in lifeceramic lifehouse kitchen

In, recent times application of surfactant and waterproofing; non-cracking fireproofing; and, making high insulation value by aerating; application, of binders; application, of hydraulics by managing the amount of north negative and south positive in the material; are, all topics that information can be open sourced about; and, insight into polymers and non-crystalline binding; and, how particles neighboring bond and stick to each other; that, forms an atomic crystallized bond; is, a key to making lifehouse ceramic construction;


Application, of organic acids such as citric as an ingredient; is, a class of ceramic and cements where it is observed that crystalline phase is not exclusive to ceramic; and, is also found in more acid based ceramics; also, non-crystalline phase exist in acid-base lifeceramic; such, a ceramic is more glass-like; therefore, lifeceramic is more an enzymatically bonded ceramic; this, researcher is applying the term lifeceramic to describe the composition material a lifehouse is made of; to, learn more about lifeceramic lifehouse design and communities, you can call jonathan at (541) 254-4481; as, you read between the covers of the “Path of Hollow Bones” you’re being given insight into a culture completely integrated into nature; you, can participate in this restoration by connecting in with Eclipse; so leave a comment below; and, 


Stay tuned for more exciting information coming up ok? 



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Read, between the covers of the Path of Hollow Bones;

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