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Friday, July 19th, 2019
Lifeceramic Effect Is Biomagnoresonant Vitalization

Lifeceramic Effect Is Biomagnoresonant Vitalization

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by March 28, 2017 Articles, Lifehouse
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Lifecolloid, enzymatic north negative magnesium bonded ceramics has been talked about in other articles by this researcher; and, in this article on lifehouse construction material; you, are introduced to the composition and structural quality of material that will preserve life; and, any food put on it; where, other food would have perished and gone a long time ago; as, you put food on this material it can remain fresh;


unnamed-20Organic, lifecolloid enzymatically catalyzes; and, bonds via cold fusion; material, substrate used to build a lifehouse; and, surfactant is used that assists make such material observed to be waterproof; fireproof; and, such is made with an insulation value; which, in a moment we can describe how such material can create insulation value; and, for the moment let’s stay with how the lifeceramic is made; and, therefore


Lifeceramic, is made at ambient outdoor working temperature; in, applying materials for lifehouse; and, terraforming landscaping application; jubbs, lifeceramic lifehouse is poised to be the first dwellings that are fireproof; waterproof; non-corrosive; and, made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials; such, material can be sculpted to create dwellings in a no-brain way;

Lifeceramic, presented herein is of composition; fabrication, method; and, some insight is given to you in how such material can be used in other commercial product; in, the late 70s this researcher was given a piece of ceramic that was said to be very old; and, that such ceramic was seen to be part of a vessel;


As, such was made and shaped specifically to cause the contents within as food and water; to, be remained fresh; and, another peculiarity was that the ceramic shard had not been created via traditional heat method causing vitrification and ceramification; this, sparked an interest in cold fusion for ceramic; it, was also said that the material it was made of could hold water or food; as, fresh as the day it was put in there;


This researcher became interested in shape and composition of material that can preserve life; including, lengthening life; blocking spoilage; keeping, nutrient value; preventing, caking; and, rotting via galvanic electrolysis; providing, a non-stick surface; vitalizing, food storage; and, preparation surfaces; and, why shouldn’t a house be made out of such? it, seemed to be a no-brainer; you, can have a party and simply spray and sculpt your house; and, when if ever you would be complete with it; it, can be returned back to the earth; and, therefore you can see


An, ancient civilization four thousand years ago on turtle island; called, the bird clan; built, mounds on the mississippi flood plains; travelling, in land; using, the waterways; trading, rocks; fashioning, stone; chipping, away like images of themselves; and, the birds and the fishes came together in this estuary four thousand years ago; and, they left this earth behind; the, same way they found it; four thousand years ago;


Shiny, bones (precious metal) was being traded for soapstone; that, was very valuable; it, could be carved easily into bowls and vessels; foam, houses (ships) would come inland up the mississippi to a place called poverty point (the nyc of america three thousand years ago);


This, timeless moment is the age of atlantis; the, shard that sparked my interest i am holding in my hand was made in japan; that, cloud told me meant laminar layer in the old atlantean tongue; this, interesting ancient ceramic shard i held in my hands; i, was told had come from an egg shaped vessel; water, had been held in; now, you should know on another note; that, the middle east is a mere stagnant puddle; in, relation to population on the mississippi floodplain;
unnamed-23Today, on a tributary to the arkansas river; in, northern louisiana (poverty point) you can find ceramic stone; fired, of course; yet, interesting because such little ceramic stone knuckles; were, all of a specific shape; this, was a controlled thermal radiation; as, this shape caused food that was prepared by such heated ceramic knuckles; to, be prepared with a specific heat; and, length of time; of, such radiant energy; such, was done in this time to preserve wood; anyway, thats another story; you, as interest is can find out more about this on dr. jubb radio on blogtalk;


As you’re drawn to learn more about these topics you can call jonathan (red dog) at 541-254-4481… can discover evermore deeper insights into lifeceramic and lifehouse sustainable community as you download and read the “Path of Hollow Bones” books; and, connect in to participate in restoring common law and constitutional currency once and for all time…..stay tuned for more exciting information coming up; okay?



jubb david



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