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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Lifecolloid and Lifehydrate Are Nectar to the Vital

Lifecolloid and Lifehydrate Are Nectar to the Vital

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by March 29, 2017 Articles
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[an excerpt from a work on Lifehouse Sustainable Community]

Lifecolloid; and, lifehydrate is about being whole in your self; and, not just dieting; lifehydrate, and lifecolloid probiotics can assist heal you up from excessive heavy metal toxicity; which, this researcher talks about comes from non-lifefood consumption; for, such a deadfood diet disrupts multiple pathways; and, excessive deadfood phosphate can have become deposited; no, enzyme is observed to exist to reduce such; so, lethal cement-like toxin is created; the, firewall protection you have against small foreign protein cannot have remained; and, no tight junction fit would be existed; this, is what celiac is; and, so


High, concentrations of cysteine; proline; and, non-lifefood glutamine; can have become deposited wrongfully; such, amino acids cause cross-linking and wrongful covalence; and, such amino acids by their structure; are, very resistant to enzymes that can break them down; is, the very reason such is involved in connective tissue; for methionine as a sulfur bearing amino acid; is, the most hydrophobic; meaning, not miscible with water;


Protein, coagulated and congealed has an enzyme resistance to being broken down; unique, epitope of gliadin; glutenin; and, gluten can have sensitized T and NK lymphocyte cells; so, such can not clear away; and, your own intestinal lifecolloid can have triggered immunoglobulin production; by, B lymphocyte cells as antibody; such, antibodies would ordinarily have been made to cross-linked protein as transglutaminase; that, would have been bound to strange indigestible protein; of, which cysteine; methionine; and taurine can have become compromised; for, auto-immune challenge to such; and, when you look at this; coupled, with the liver not breaking down beta-carotene; all, can have combined; to have less than allowed good immune functioning;


Excessive, phosphate without enzyme that could have broken such heavy metal down; is, a very serious endocrine disruptor; for, wrongful crosslinked protein formation would have existed as high phosphate and low calcium was in a non-lifefood diet; all, such can have caused the firewall protection you ordinarily have against dysbiotic neoplastic condition to not have been kept; an, ordinary tight junction fit exists; inside, your intestinal tract; and, for this reason you should be following a lifefood diet; and, consider bringing in lifecolloid probiotic; and, lifehydrate nutrient; which, each of these are forwarded; because, as far as this researcher is concerned; is, among the most holy grail of element; and, a lifefood condiment; and, therefore


Some, protein is meant to be indigestible; and, non-lifefood can have excessive amounts of that indigestible protein in it; which, is very hydrophobic; meaning, not miscible with water; hydrophobic, protein as cysteine; and, lysine; can, be linked with nitrogen; and, hydrogen; and, such is highly south positive; and, seriously reacts with all north negatively charged brunner gland secretion; phosphate, is a disruptor in such processing; brunner gland, becomes seriously affected by excessive phosphates; such, as glyphosate; and, all non-lifefood is really very high in phosphate; and, this phosphate remains as a cement; so, even if one stops eating such a deadfood diet; one, still needs to dissolve this cement;


You, have to get motion in your ocean; and, not just be about the notion of a potion; you, can’t just be satisfied with yesterday’s solution; you, need to get with today’s innovation; you, do need enzymes to break excessive calcium phosphate down; few, escape such cementing; otherwise, you are talking about an infertile world; terminator style; if, you don’t mind your own current; your, body isn’t going to economically take care of itself; everybody, knows jet fuel doesn’t melt steel; and, you’ve got to do more upstream cleaning to get down there; excessive, phosphate can have calcified the pineal gland; your, third eye; which, makes it not easy to see a speck in one’s own eye; excessive, phosphate today; if, it doesn’t destroy the young; flouride, will get you in older age;


unnamed-26Unstick, crud with lifehydrate now; lifehydrate, and lifecolloid are both; nectar, to the vital; and, salvation to the decrepit; you, can find out more and order your lifehydrate and lifecolloid probiotic by calling Linda in New York at (212) 353-5000; and visit Jubb’s Longevity online store to find lifehydrate, lifecolloid and other advanced natural nootropic nutrient concentrate; leave, a comment below to connect with an Eclipse member and learn more about these and other brand new insight into life by downloading and reading the “Path of Hollow Bones” books on this site; as you read between the covers i’m sure you’ll be drawn to come forward to connect in and alm this movement;



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