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by July 1, 2017 Articles
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Brunner, gland function neutralizes acid from your stomach; the, chyme released from the stomach is very acid; and, as it enters the stomach into beginning of the small intestine called the duodenum; and, protection of duodenum epithelium is via a coating that is of an antacid physiologically exerted called mucin; so, obviously
Brunner, gland secretions are composed of viscous alkaline slippery wet solution; you, can observe in side search is a potent array of protolytic enzyme; these, secretions are produced by compound tubular lifecolloid organelles cells; existing, above the sphincter of Oddi; such, cellular is the organelle that secretes such; that; also has bicarbonate and your gastrin and secretin nutrient; and, as you can see
Urogastrone,as mentioned above; inhibits, the chief cells that inhibit acid in the upper stomach; neutralizing; that such action is allowing nutrient consumed from lifefood to be absolved; search, ducts communicate with endocrine epithelial and epidermal factors all can only function that you have proper brunner gland activity; and, this is observed that most aging is because brunner gland function can have been compromised; for, enterocrinin is a hormone that stimulates mucin simulate secretion; released, into the blood from your duodenum; now, such stimulates acinar cells of the pancreas to release water and bicarbonate; necessary, for such action and along with such all inhibit gastrin; that, what was triggering the stomach acid to have been released
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Obviously, an extensive array of brunner gland is located above the sphincter of Oddi thats found within the pancreatic duct where it empties into the beginning of the small intestine; called, the duodenum; at, this level you got pancreatic and bile secretion and where you have a diet of lifefood; low, phosphate and organic; you, definitely have stone; crud, that could have been blocking and occluding brunner gland function;
Obviously, brunner gland function as has been talked about in other articles require a parasympathetic state for you to be in; this, requires you to be ninety percent parasympathetic and only ten percent in sympathetic; for, brunner gland can have been inhibited by excessive sympathetic nerve stimulation; wherever, such was psychosomatically all can have left the duodenum in an unprotected state; that, would have been caustic in condition to the acid from the chamber of the stomach having not been neutralized; obviously,
Under, such an acid state the duodenum tissue would have reverse differentiated from healthy tissue and aggregated fused and differentiated into campylobacter; such, lifecolloid can cause an observed adulteration of tissue; so, as further being discussed;
An, organic phosphate buffers the blood salt; inhibits, acid alkaline balance; organic, monosodium and disodium phosphate is necessary being lost from your urine in excess; for, excessive consumption of inorganic phosphate and organic phosphate via non lifefood consumption; could, have left your body having wrecked havoc on your brunner gland function; so, when you’re looking overall you can now there is a conservation of your body that is primal; did, you know that your saliva can have only come forth amylase; which, is the enzyme for breaking starch down that dead food was eaten; whereas, lifefood has enzyme present; and, this author is only interested in condiment; and, this is the law of adaptive secretion of digestive enzyme; as, you can have been consuming dead food such would have been robbing your enzyme value from your body; so, when you look at the big picture overall; like, an eagle does
Excessive, non-lifefood with runaway sugar with high glycemic index; can, have been the cause of substance like somatostatin to be released; such, that gastrin was inhibited; food, would not be digested; not, assimilated your upper stomach wasn’t functioning properly; now, non-lifefood consumption is perpetually deposited causing a laminated material to have been deposited on your bio-film; that, is the packing that surrounds your cell; and, your body could have become gummed up; might, you learn about upstream cleaning? You, can be applying Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation to get back your proper health; go, now to for a rich array of content in many areas that is cutting edge; and, also you can go to and click on “written on the road”; where, you can read more PDFs in subject matter of interest to you;
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