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Thursday, July 18th, 2019


Be First!
by July 3, 2017 Articles
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Timelessness, is neither present nor future; yet, do you know what belongs to this current time? Does, worldwide government only exist because of a check and balance on information? And, obviously in this moment now; in, this modern age; all, have woken up to be aware that’s not something that’s existing; for, shouldn’t there be a check and balance on information you receive? Shouldn’t, such be verifiable? Okay; so, obviously




Fictional, currency isn’t being directed too much by what’s sane; is, it? Especially, under such a negatively economically inducted monopolized centralizedness; where, the peter principle is existing; and, underneath a corpse; what, have you got really? have, you got a lemminged condition; is, that why in this country at the moment; when, you ask someone how to void a void court order; apparently none can say; and, the service provider has done away with a third party independent witness needing to be; so, as one can talk further about this


None, can say such isn’t based upon an infanticide; the, system reckons you’re just an infant decedent account; and, who is home in the office you’re talking to; kinda, isn’t home; because, common law is something you and i enact; and, is not written; yet, a word as you agree is dead; and, not you; and, that you’ve only been treated as an infant decedent account; certainly, you’d agree that’s wrong; a, but like a corpse being over anything living; yet, you can only join the living with the living; and, the dead with the dead; a, fictional centralized government isn’t government; why? Because, it’s completely peter principled the earth; bordering, all; and, without any common sense or common law check and balance, eh? So, as you can see




Obviously, a body of ether; is, as a word; yet, it’s only you who is real; and, this is non-localized; as, magnicity even moving consciousness; ever, forward more toward egalitarian economics; and, through such similar background chatter; that, vies for your attention; magnicity, is this current; that, is ever moving in one direction [anisotropic]; moving, from north negative to south positive; and, doesn’t this describe the gravitational effect in magnicity? Can, you see a time where all is floating; and, not of parts that are moving; wearing, out? So,


Currency, is where your focused attention is being applied; equal, to atomic hour of time; and, on this note it’s equal to you alming this common law movement; is about; so, who is stopping you from being connected in to this greater good now? And, getting on assisting with this movement; get, this word out; so, in further discussion;


Was, some gift from a religion; actually, a repression? Can, you have opened up this wound; all, is healed now?; For, vulnerability; frailty; and, weakness; advantages, taken; you, can let your response be in i awareness; or, such also can have been taken from you; a, stranger can have been far closer to knowing more than you can have been; unless, your defenses are dropped; and, you’re without the need of getting any distance; between, you and your own internal response; so, obviously;




Is, not your journey about love living? Such, you are all one [alone]; so, bliss is being observed bubbling up and arising from nothing; and, this is how i see you keep self company; i, see your own in solitude is your greatest company kept; and, for you i see you come wrapped in an array of sunshine and air; without, repression; so, can you see that


You, are this beloved; who, is taken such an initiative; that’s, within what it is of your own mutual conditioning; so, no selfie was existed as you observe over yourself; for, such it is that you are related; such, cannot necessarily be equivalent to intimacy; for, such is a seed fulfilled by it’s flower; can, it have been said you are fulfilled arriving ; and, returning? For, no mental construct can have been in your mind; intimacy, is existing when you are unknowing; your, being in this continuous unbroken whole;


Can, you feel hear and see magnicity moving; global, consciousness; toward, you and i ever being more i aware? For, such is where no borders now exist;



jubb david

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