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Sunday, May 19th, 2019


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by July 3, 2017 Articles
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As, above so below this is a fact that you can observe radioactive material being biologically transmutated into stable non-radioactive element; this, researcher has written about biological transmutation; and, how radio duran lithophil lifecolloid engage a transmutation in biology; as, reactions are most incurring is a amongst all simple baryonic element on the periodic chart; so obviously

Special, interest in colloidal biology and astrology; this, is a fact of such that transmutation is occurring; and, does so from magneton aggregating fusing and differentiating [AFD] dissipated from structure is what brings about life so even waste has precious element that can be claimed from dirty fuel burned; where, rodnum in dirty exhaust pipes can be re-claimed to apply in a plasma system to create heat without a flame by flowing negative hydrogen ion over such

Yet, can you see a day where plasma from a radiant energetic dynamo [RED] device burns clean? Such, energy of magneton is instantly available from the vacuum and energy applied isn’t of a need to have been stored; so, discussion further is about

What’s, above is also below; you, and i can have cleared away what’s not useful and be left inside with a very deep essence of this new world; a, world that’s come about because of a renaissance; for, in magnicity and colloidal biology and the celestial heavens; all, is colloid and forms via AFD of magneton

A, magneton tension is existed as a colloid between all magneton; for, this is true as you can have observed even the soil cracking heavy under a drying wind; and, how rocks become naturally graded; you, can see such happening in a stir; all of a familiar size together and magneton coalescing by AFD; you, can witness in your own laboratory; tension, in a colloid reduced evermore quick as even in your blood health; via, numerous ever much smaller aggregate existing; so clearly
Talk, is here in the study of magnicity of what above is also below this plane; and, since i found out how water as a substance has an anamoly of a maximal loading point; and, expands above and below such a set point temperature; yet, such in a matter not changed in density; and, water is throughout the universe; this, was for me to innerstand the oceans were formed only eighty million years ago; therefore, can you see that

A, very large aggregate of magneton in the heavens like Jupiter; can, one day have become a sun; for, did you know earth was originally connected to the Saturn constellation and earth was captured in three thousand one hundred and forty six BC? You, can also be interested in such phenomenon you can read about in other articles for such is an interest; this, researcher has written about in times past; so, discussionthen can be further about
The, universe isn’t uniform; space below this plane and above isn’t uniform; yet, of dissipated structure of larger clusters and smaller clusters of magneton in a suspension as a colloid and either in a hypotonic isotonic or hypertonic state; and, you can know as smaller magneton bodies exist ever more such relieves tension ever more quick than as the universe would only have been uniform as a fundamental body; so obviously
Talk, here is basically about your insight into dissipated structure existing obviously; and, further that the earth has grown some twelve times larger than it was originally in size; one, can have observed

Oceans, existing now bordering all continent were not always there; for, as the earth has experienced temperature overall change; such, is the cause of some substance expanding one thousand six hundred percent; like, a familiar substance called water; and, such has come out of its suspended state inside rock for all earth formed as a water orb does in space outside on the edge of our solar system; so, you can observe this happening
As, magneton AFD such incurs a plasma ring of magneton that becomes saturated; such, incurs as intake in any moment becomes greater than consumption; and, what you are looking at is the resulting formed plasma ring; and, you can see all such satellite can have formed as the dissipative plasma ring is travelled past any smaller aggregated satellite; in, a cell obviously

In, the science of magnicity; biological, transmutation engages of points of magneton contact flow where north negative from the b field is flowing in; to, condense south positive ball; you, should know the sun is only point two percent the density of water; this, effect you and i can see is the leading point in the vortex we are in; falling, at fifty two thousand miles and hour through space; falling, itself ever more and into what is called the zone of avoidance; as, all is locally as well; and, can you see in your mind solidified magnicity of a flow of parallel arcs that circulate without an edge?

As been discussed further;

All, on the periodic chart is made of baryonic matter and all such is made up out of magneton; north, negative and south positive; and, east west neutral magneton; for, you can see this magnicity astronomically being incurred above this plane as below; so, can you also see

Biological, like celestial transmutation; matter, as elements as you see is formed via a process of AFD; in, the same way colloid of life AFD into lifecolloid as a red cell or blood corpuscle; such, a process of magneton is above and below to infinity as a fractal; a, JC Quantum is such a fractal and the smallest pixelated dot with a mass on a quantum level; so, as you can see

Magneton, is the smallest elemental matter making up hydrogen; all, such element even hydrogen is composed of JC Quantum magneton well below a femto meter and such is the size of magneton the coalesce to make up the smallest element. We have in this this dimensional world called hydrogen; yet, a JC Quantum magneton is the dimension and mass of a pixel on a liquid quantum scale; such, is the residuum left over after two equal and opposite waves of light have annihilated each other via phase conjugation; so,

In, magnicity and biology; a, biological transmutation is going on and this is information you are applying in the year 4017; maybe, you could go to and download the path of hollow bones; so, a long time ago this was observed

In, this researcher’s mind’s eye; a, pixelated small dot that also is with a mass that is from the gravitational title parental pull of magneton density from our nearest black hole called Sagittarius A that is influencing such on a quantum field and so it is that this smallest pixelated dot is a magneton; the, smallest on a quantum level and that such is a fractal; if, you read more of these articles it’s possible you could learn more in a single day from looking at a stick on the ground;
Love jubb, david xxx


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