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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


Be First!
by July 4, 2017 Articles
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i, is half as an empty center; while, the other half is what is the matter to you; and, this is your body; this, whole stellar universe is this background space of i; that, all material flows into; for, it is such that the only thing which is absolute is nothing; and, this is what is permanent; in, relatedness to what’s physical you can see around you; is, very temporary by comparison; so, as you can see


i awareness, is talked about in other writings; that, such a state is beyond deep sleep; dreaming; and, wakefulness; one, can be aware one is in one of those other three states; yet, this is a story of your originalness; where, it is you have left your desire; with, those who desire; you’ve, gone beyond; and, so we can talk about

i aware, i awareness

Wakefulness, as consciousness; is, only of a limited phenomenon; of, only seven plus or minus two chunks of information at any one time; and, it is known that even a piece of wood or steel that was struck suddenly; is, conscious of that sudden strike; yet, the material as you would agree isn’t aware; so, as you and i can continue to discuss a little deeper


Your, still silent and transparent state; is, not an inactive state; from, a far distant something celestial as the picture above; seems, still silent and transparent; yet, far from this actually; for, even the light of a candle; and, the fragrance wafting through the air; from, a bouquet of fresh rose; is, only because of mere presence; for, is there something beyond having to move around; talk, a lot; and, show stuff to everyone? For, is nothing done yet all is actually being changed? Is, this not by your mere presence; the, same is? For, a thunderclap you can feel; and, you saw the bright flash; before, sound came; so,


Is, your current action you’re taking; actually, your current presence? Yet, possibly not your influence; nor, possibly an appearance nor name known; such, is maybe far less about actually; yet, most might just be a peripheral whirling left twisting in the wind; yet, how about feeling popped by your being aware more how to use the vestibular sense; you, can learn about such through whole brain functioning; maybe, download the path of hollow bones; which, is a manual for preparation; for, you being an agent of change; so, where is your locus of control coming from? As, you are i aware; isn’t, this an immutable center; the, birth of action you’re taking is coming from? So, obviously

i aware, i awareness, universe

Is, it out of a game played you refused; resisting, nothing; you, didn’t resist any fight that was invited; that, you’re on this path of least resistance; and, you’re one who has left your mind thoroughly alone; for, i see you; you’re, not with any spiritual pride; for, you as i am; isn’t, lost or gained; you’re, still quiet and transparent; apart, from? you, STOPPED acquiring; and, nothing was then to have; to, renounce a thing witnessed; and, even also it’s absence; i, see that you’re not really having any excessive interest; in, any one thing; and, that your interest is broad; you, have a very deep knowledge base; and, you’re pure and unattached; you, have to be also in an i aware state; so, if you take a look at this picture above;


Is, this collection of celestial stars in the stellar universe; like, the picture above; without, i awareness; this, i of magnicity; walking, a path less travelled; now, a long time ago it was; i, ceased identifying with self; and, to be formless to create and shrink; nothing, was to be free from; and, nothing keeping you bound anywhere; so, can you observe

i aware, i awareness, universe

As, you know this i; your, knowing self is enough; to, be or not concerned with what’s fictional; this, i certainly in’t; for, isn’t it better you two have more self inquiry; and, self pity; and, not inquiry or pity of a world? For, isn’t a thought merely fictional; for, isn’t this which is real; you, which is this which is non-localized; engrossed, in wakefulness; and, dreaming; and, deep sleep; might, most of you have forgotten one’s true self? So, therefore


A, still silent and transparent state; certainly, isn’t inactive; you’re, to do nothing except be yourself; this, is not any resisting; this, is your acting according to circumstance; in, still silent and transparency; to, fact and reality; rather, than fiction; might, you check the box yes you want reform in banking? For, shouldn’t the bank be where perception is; directing, what’s fluid that comes up against this bank?



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