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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


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by July 4, 2017 Articles
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Can, you imagine a future which now of applying a material that can allow you to have the capacity to eat through a telegraph pole late at night and digest that like a beaver? Imagine, having teeth with the capacity and strength of steel yet far; far, lighter than steel and made of biologically compatible material similar to a beavers tooth enamel; today, you may be surprised that there are biological dentists extremely interested in this area;

Obviously, applying material that’s tooth colored; let’s, talk about this here; has, the strength of steel yet has thermal expansion and thermal insulation because such is doped with magnesium and other element talked about herein; yet, what if this material being talked about is corrosion resistant in structure; and, has the capacity to maintain its self structure and has a very high fracture toughness [six point five two eight m PAM to the half power]
The, design of the meta material as care is being exercised in the construction of material as in the instance of biological dentistry today; where, unique effect is significant in counteracting dealing with runaway magnetolysis; for, you should know that neutralization of a magnetic field disparity would ordinarily cost in the corrosion of the material; yet, such can be made so such is of a ceramic bonded material; so as being discussed

Crystal, ceramic binding is what’s unique that new meta material created; that, is avant garde today that is biologically compatible; is, being applied in dentistry and such only a remained aggregate; where, no real bonding of molecule in the material was really existed; yet ,can you imagine in your minds eye looking at a material that is extremely highly resistant to the propagation of cracking; so can you see

Such, new meta material can have the strength of a beavers teeth to completely shred wood or it could like materials of the past have been made in a manner that just dissolved and dissipated leaving behind a skeleton of what should have been there as a structure; if, this was a bridge you’d be seriously frightened; for, as you know when you could have put any dissimilar element next to each other you’re going to have got a galvanic magnetolysis being incurred in the study of magnicity; so, as further being discussed

Material, weight is reduced by half and what happens when you have superior durability; quadrupled, in tooth enamel that have the properties of calcium apetate; and, silicon dioxide nitride that is carbon fiber reinforced; if, you’re looking into the future now
Nature, perfectly deals with galvanic magnetolysis; you, don’t have to think that doesn’t exist and by such design as a beavers tooth; doesn’t, such specific structure give you a specific strength? A, real yielded strength can you imagine such to be equivalent to a mass density; yet, be of a very light weight in its design? So, obviously you can see how
Biological, compatible ceramic carbon fiber reinforced via mono clinic crystalline structure made of zirconium, silicone dioxide, nitride composite material; is, this the wave of the future? Such, happens also to be made of dopant stabilized cubic lattice that can be colored the same as your tooth color;

Microscopically, a grain ceramified boundary engineered new meta material as tooth is for such capacity is existing where an amphorous inter granular ceramified face is existing that controls erosion; yet, is also conductive of oxygen ions as your tooth enamel is; such, you can see being applied to in other way to calculate partial pressure of oxygen in lambda probe; and, application in dental crown and implantable tooth material; so, as being discussed further

A, good tooth replacement material is going to be made similar to real tooth which does have insulating ring which assist with thermal conduction; so, temperature changes isn’t gong to be conducted to the nerve so much in your jaw; tooth, isn’t going to conduct temperature much; so, in understanding what is being talked about here; a, revolution is being observed in biological dentistry

For, you could have teeth the strength of a beaver; and, by the way beavers don’t have to brush nor have fluoridated their teeth; yet, can you see the day you have a serious built in protection that is similar to the strength of steel; yet, is a pigmented tooth color enamel that is really resistant to acid;

Love jubb, david

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