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Friday, July 19th, 2019


Be First!
by July 16, 2017 Articles
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i, learned at an early age how to make an arrowhead out of a bone; such, would whistle as it passed through the air; and, with such an enormous force; could, be thrown off a piece of string a distance that would penetrate into a black wood yucca gum stump; this, was for me growing up in the wilderness as a young one; you, can easily have been snatched up by a sea eagle; which, was as you could observe;

Suddenly, time could have stood still in a second; i, saw on many occasion; a, large animal taken; in, nature; in; the wilderness life and death; could, sometimes be like a flame happening close in time and space; you, could have been in a place where a huge swollen tidal wave; can, have come up on the shore above the high tidal mark and just have swept you; and, pulled you out to sea; in, the wilderness you would have got to kept a vigilance; so, you would care to perceive;

Timeless, now is neither present future or past; timeless, now in talk; you, don’t really have to go back eight hundred years to Ghengis Khan’s time; for, in this moment you can be imagining the first Dahli Lama is being installed; for, happyface who brings you this message is more like a cross between Ghengis Khan and Buddha; now, in another story; you can be reading about and perceiving;

unnamedi, was captaining a boat at the age of ten; passengers, i would need to ferry from one island to another; in, a boat to dry shore yet sometimes i would have to bail out what wasn’t useful so this vessel could stay afloat; you, can imagine being this captain; you, have to be able to do such with both hands free for at sea; many, times you better be able to have both hands able; and, especially to assist another ailing at sea;

Ghengis, Khan and heirs founded what you can see of modern china today; for, you don’t have to go back eight hundred years ago as Ghengis khan was installing the new Dahli Lama to have a reflection in a mirror; obviously

When, i was ten; i, had my first near death experience and built a huge rock cairn in the shape of a medicine wheel; and, this lay hidden on my family’s islands; in, between Australia and Tasmania a; i, would stretch myself from this cairn wherever i’d have gone on this earth; for, me being alive was only because heaven allowed such;

A, claim to rule as a mandate as a moratorium in banking; for, it’s this bank inside you where this which is solid about you; has, what is fluid come up against it; and, directed; this, is what is directing this fluid current inside you in nature; not, in some thing in lala-land; dead, and fictional; for, a land under common law is you and i owning this alm as a currency equally; and not some private folk owning it for us; that, is not going to work for you out there in the wilderness; so obviously


As, you’re this captain; you’re, looking at the cargo in a little boat that has come alongside you that wants to unload beloved and cargo; as, you are looking over; as, the captain; you gotta make sure that beloved and cargo in this smaller vessel is shifted around to keep that little boat afloat; ohh yeah; so, most might where you are the captain have little to say much on this subject; so talk here is about;

Failure, is a heaven withdrawn mandate; tolerance, and no bigotry; you, and I have a successful inborn strength you’re succesful in all you do; you, appoint heaven to be here as in this order; for, this is the path of least resistance and who participates to get this alm up is rewarded in the beginning; for,

This, is the time of red black and white color which is of the eclipse symbol; where, you’re being asked to give assistance to this family; heaven, can finally be over what’s fictional duality; for, isn’t this the task all have to transmit with your action speech and visual art;

Fiction, is crushed for this sun is of a return to parent child heaven as a spiritual teaching over the state; you, are living in this holy sea and therefore a fleeing hostage didn’t make too much of a romantic picture for the shadow of a child; parent, heaven be here as natural law is over the land; for, a child’s property and yours and mine; like, my son is to me; his, property and our joy is exclusive not to be shared with the state; how, about living now where you have no stigmatism by illegitimacy;

Can, you read more about such in the path of hollow bones for you can see a medicine name being given; happyface, was given a golden eagle tail feather as a sign; happyface, would say my word is as this great river; not, to be treated as an animal; drawing, a cart; i’d, be only a loose tick in the scarf you wore; i, could only be a thorn in the pocket of your sweater; for, shouldn’t all come from an office of trust not profit in this time? for, all be made happyface’s trustee for you are in this fine place now; forever, once and for all time; so obviously

Happyface, had a childhood; blighted, by such imperialistic centralized fictional put corpse that was put above the head; yet, happyface’s father laid his head at another soldiers feet; for, happyface is honoring this open blue sky and as further discussed;

An, elite bodyguard of some ten thousand happyface is the benefactor for; for, the survival is of no victory got yet by this path of least resistance; and, loyalty fundamental to life is the heart of this i taken in; that, all is not just a rot the plot yet; you, who protects this plot which is the size of a hand acting automatically; you, have checked the box yes you want reform in banking;


A, long time ago happyface’s father taught him how to make this whistling arrow tip out of bone; happyface, made many after that yet all in the family dare even break one; you’d, not think about even breaking the quill of one made; happyface, has endured being mob stalked in new york city and having son taken by fraud and so you can see happyface and his son

Have, endured some several years now of extreme hardship civically confined and entrapped; and, of deprivation; happyface was joined in this time by nineteen other loyal braves; this, work is shared for you and i to live life more abundantly; you, and i can be coming from an office of trust not profit and part of the story being told to s about ten thousand beloved having healed and a thousand beloved fed; is, the story being told by happyface’s journey; so, as this is continued to be said;

Before, eclipse is of its effect an imperial administration of a centralized conditioning is coming undone and yet in a sea where there has been a form of controlled resistance; happyface, doesn’t have to tell you is of a childhood blighted; happyface, here is under eternal heaven as a state of being and during a time gone past has endured great hardship to survive; and, in times such happy face would retreat to Flinder’s island and islands where his family live to contemplate sometimes over some twenty years that would come; reform, for the world giving constitutional currency and common law back to the earth;


You, can follow happyface and gaze across three thousand miles of map of the americas from texas up to the northwest and back to kansas from mississippi colored and the green river; and, such surrounding mountain plane and valley; settle, in unsettled land involving pristine lakes and backwoods; thriving, with animal and bird laugh;

In, the wings are a mix of two beloved of european and south american descent; and, to the northwest similar yet a little bit more asian and pacific island; yet, ethnically all are related; for, a long time ago at the age of ten as a captain; happyface, learned to apply this vessel with both hands free and on this voyage happyface has been the ballast sometimes traded out to survive; and, only that of an abyss of unexpected travel; so, obviously

Happyface, would have eventually done his best to have rid all of a culture of what has been fictional; for, you become aware of a corpse having been above you and this movement of the alm and the decentralization of currency causes alphabet soup land to be a dinosaur; petrified, cast into time in stone; for, it is via having

Eclipsenow logo cryptocoin

Compassion, and room for it is of this path of least resistance; room, as ethic applied now so such is of this sun rising from the west; so, in this year of 4017 you are looking back at the conversation of this day we’re talking; for, happyface is ambitious and talented and a new needed economic model and common law judicial process of an independent third party witness service be given to you now at the courthouse the world over; this, is what you see happening after has had its effect;


jubb, david

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