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Friday, July 19th, 2019


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by July 20, 2017 Articles
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Misconception, on fertility is becoming cleared up here in this dialog; for, you and all beloved; so, you can become  aware how a nu-toxin deposits in the body; reabsorbed, by reverse endometrium of the tissue; endometrium, has cleared such nu-toxin in a healthy cycle; few, insights of this fact exist; ovulation, you should know is not dependent upon menstruation and this is obviously called an  ovulation cycle; some, toxins is lethal; in, its effect; for, instance if you open source how dangerous squalene is; and, you look to see the controversy in substance thats been found in vaccination like; squalene; and, such as; a-N—aceytlgalactosaminidase, nagalase; GnRH, Gonadotropin; expose, a risk to you; so, as you are beginning to see; 

The, menstrual cycle can be counted to determine the time the ovulation cycle begins; the, endocrine glands; including; the, pineal; pituitary;thymus; thyroid; parathyroid; also, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes are all part of the endocrine system; here, you can see; 

Excretion, of information molecule is put into circulation through the ducts; and, such excreted from exocrine duct spongy form and also ductless endocrine gland; so, as indicated  the endocrine glands are ductless; hormones, are secreted as such and carried only because of albumin being present; such, is put into circulation excreted out of exocrine spongiform organ duct and also spongiform organ ductless from the endocrine organ of your body; so, if you’re looking at this;

There, is not enough calcium in the plasma; no, magnesium is present and you see that to suspend calcium in solution; and you need calcium to run your endocrine glands; as nu-toxin could have become deposited; and, such laminated the biofilm and packing the biofilm within where there suppose to be a nonstick zone in sub-atmospheric pressure; and, laminated degree could have been continuously contaminated by wrongful dead food consumption; so, if you can see what the progression is; also, the body produces auto immune conditions;

 Chemical, nerve and cellular immunity has; and, as time wears on the immune system starts to have errors; toxin, is allowed to accumulate; and, it can be without our bodies concern to kick it out; so, as the endometrium swirls in the time of necessary nutrients for procreation; sub-atmospheric pressure needs to exist around the cell to pull toxins out and that space is made of life colloid that is of a glycol packing; this, is a biofilm; Now, keeping this in your minds eye;

Its, interesting to note; the, endometrium can be observed to gorge itself with red blood corpuscle; and, now also as deposited nu-toxin; as, a the cycle of blanching exists in the endometrium as no nu-toxin was is in the endometrium; the, body can be observed to see a clear discharge at the end of the cycle and there is no blood loss; the, author is writing a work about such; for, some years with a famous mid-wife; which, teaches you to read your fertility signs as the spin barking exists the body is in a fertile moment window in time; which, is typically three or four days in times of such;

A, natural birth within what the author describes as an immaculate conception is; nature, simply; blossoming; differentiating; having, an heirloom; v, having domestication; how you look around; and, see everything; yet, the embryonic sack is build with integral material; you, can’t put your fingers through that sack; a, natural birth as your baby is born in the core with the embryonic sac intact; so, you can see 

Asking, health practitioners if he/she can tell you what menstruation is; most, have not got the explanation above given to you; yet, when you ask also if anyone is aware about what a natural birth is; the, topic is quite impoverished; in, talking further about this did you know?Fertility, for both her and him can remain most all the way through life; vitality, can remain in you; Fertility, and infertility; vaccines, and misconceptions beginning to come clear to all beloved; clearly; all, beloved are violet; 

Hydration, allows your organs to function properly; given, you have ample ability to rest; such, that you and all beloved become integrated with the daily rhythm; continuing to read that; in, N actlylneuraminic acid can be reduced radically; in, toxic material can have come in instead from animal like in glycol numeric acid and cause such can’t be broken down properly; cell, membranes are impacted radically; hydration, requires life hydrate like molecules; theres, some great articles that have been written about life hydrate; and, the work is called; cell, membrane permeability enhancement; yet, thats another story; 

You, think these organs such as the gonad organ function are not as vital as other body function but this is a misconception; the body discrete the proper functions and the gonad organ with the ovaries are most essential;  because, these organs are more integral than other organs; might, this be that the body uses; what, is integral versus what is not integral; to, keep clear? For, nu-toxin such as calcium phosphate create disease; today, you’re looking at the pituitary gland and many can have found this to be more or less not vital nor fertile; much,  petroleum product with estrogen and xeno-estrogen; excess, nu-toxin or acts a xeno-estrogen on the body and estrogen; is, the angel of life and death as a steroid; so, clearly xeno-estrogen is highly toxic

Human, growth hormone is released twelve times a day in twelve cycles of the day; human, growth hormone was released during the parasympathetic phase of the natural switching of one hemisphere to the other hemisphere; every, ninety minutes; without, human growth hormone; protein, synthesis could not occur; so, being relaxed; spending more of your days in a parasymphatic mode; so, on another note; you, can open source and read about this in the literature; you, can see more about this poison; in, vaccine; the, dilemma of modern medicine; by, this researcher; 

The, use of an adjutant in vaccine today like squalene; which, is a liquid hydrocarbon that could come from shark liver oil and manufactured from human sebum; and, toxic vegetable oil; such, is a precursor to sterility; as, you have proper lifecolloid in your intestines you are manufacturing such; yet, when such protein is made up without enzymes; enzyme resistant; hydrogen, and carbon compounds can’t properly be broken down and is definitely a toxin; dysbiotic, lifecolloid have a protein called nagalese;

Nagalase, studies show; how its toxicity impacts fertility; where, cycles in the body become disrupted; in, a process of a lack of discretion in childbirth; and, also; Nu-toxin, from indigestible protein; can, all be the multiple cause of immunological lack of vitality; in, other words beloved become sterile; and, disruptive cyclic phases are shown; showing, evidence of a physiological disturbance in the beloved affected; such, physiological factor changes occur causing, numerable change such as somatopause;

These, antigen are part of the disbiotic life colloids protein envelope; dysbiotic source; have, such a protein to activation of the dysbiotic lifecolloid and the hydration of such requires nagalese; yet, such a protein thats indigestible; can’t, bebroken down and degrades cell respiration; causing, more laminated material to present wrongfully into the biofilm; and, eventually; by, aggregation fusion and differentiation; [AFD]; a, double spore can have; reverse, differentiated via pleomorphic life cycle are not in any staple form as thought; in, the old idea in biology that a lifecolloid such is in a fixed state that it isnt; such, neoplastic condition being resolved by the body; a, single injection as a contraceptive agent can  have sterilized conjugated extraneous substance to GNRH;

And, no one can say that lymphonized and suspended body element; doesn’t, get conjugated; a, single shot could have caused sterilization; an, animal unethically vaccinated with a single shot for instance; could, have been made  infertile to breed; for, some five years; and, such is strongly influenced by the xeno-estrogen in the cocktail; that, is put in the delivery; of, such a vaccine; and, so as you can see  

You, don’t really need a lethal injection to control population; and, this is being unethical; to, take away what is naturally given which is in-violet; such, compound induced infertility by binding to circulating GnRH; and, such is shown to negatively impact organ such as the pituitary receptor; and, reduces the vitality of your blood; under, such circumstance; the, gonad atrophy; so obviously 

GnRH, is a protein small peptide hormone; that, becomes immunologic; as, this is carried to a larger protein carrier; and, in a vaccine adjutant; toxoid, serum ovum albumin; examples, of studies that show; toxic, immunologic xeno-opiate compound; can, render a beloved; unable, to have children; that, from a single vaccine shot; to, elaborate further no one can say that 

Immunity, contraceptive compound is not well studied; and, no one can say that what is observed in vaccine and objective material can not have an adverse effect; error, is made by your immune system; as, a result of such toxins being administered during vaccination; ok? For, even clear water vaccinated is regarded as a toxin and is held by the liver;

You, can now begin to observe that the reasons for the change in beloved might be made unethically unsterile; because, protein from foreign antigen sources can have entered the body wrongfully; such, can have not been able to have been degraded; nor, is there such knowledge in the public as such; and, have been the cause of ovarian cyst etc; and, where corpus luteum in the ovary; 

And, impacts also in an early age; there, are many surfactant yet when such surfactant in nature is not bound with a terpin; in, -N—aceytlgalactosaminidase [nagales]; is, extremely toxic for the body and after something is toxic and is a poison what can anyone say that holds authenticity; stay, tuned for work from the author called lifehydrate; membrane, permeability surfactant enhancement; 

So, as you can see the evidence; sterilization, observed clearly in a cycling disturbance; now, you may feel if, you ask if anyone is aware how to go about expression with each other so that children can be born out of a form of discretion; and child birth is supposed to be orgastic;  and, toxin; emotion; and, nutrition deficiency; such, toxin and stress could have caused the cervical plug to have been lost earlier; triggering, wrongfully a false perception in the mind where the birth is occurring; that, such must begin now when it shouldn’t; when, the uterus is still of its ripeness; so you can see

The, cervix dilates itself to be about four centimeters; until, such a time it would be general that the plug would be relatively important andnot lost to far away in time; from, the uterus being ripe and the cervix being naturally ripe to four centimeters at least; so, if one is thinking if birth can come before this; it, can’t; and, so a doula thats trained can quickly access the situation; and, can determine ripeness; just, like a fruit; now, you can observe a water birth can then be very easy; for, a upon the embryonic sack being intact and the head crowning; which, it naturally does with the embryonic sack intact; a, doula, will tell you its not possible to put your fingers through the embryonic sack because of its integrity; and so therefore the birth is continuing onto be easy and involving a hydraulic mechanism versus the water being broken too early on and now the mother has to hold the baby pushed and such is not an easy process; which, naturally its supposed to be; so, you can see that 

If, you had been eating dead food; the, child can not be born naturally; as, reiterating as above; without, causing instead a force that has to be more  mechanical where the mother has to learn to  push and  hold the  position where the baby is; the head and the shoulders are born with the embryonic sack intact; this, is called a natural birth; and, this is called the immaculate conception process; all, are very glad to be received of the information because everyone agrees children should be born out of a form of discretion; and, why should you not remain fertile most all the way through your life; you, can have vitality and get rid of the myth that samatopause is natural; and, that child birth isn’t other than easy; as, you’re in a natural paradigm where lifefood is being consumed; and, if not jubb cell rejuvenation can be applied; you, can learn to do upstream cleaning; also, a great savings of vitality can be occurred; you, only have to contend with a clear mucus discharge at the end of the cycle and a great saving; of, vitality;


jubb ,david 



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