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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019


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by July 21, 2017 Articles
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A, long time ago there was no synthetic idea; a, synthetic idea that was not a natural substance comes about because of negative economic inductance; only, because to protect your idea; apparently, you can protect that if its synthetic; so, synthetic substances come to be so quickly in the studies; this, is noted a synthetic cannot be tested against a natural substance; science, becomes fudged at this point; especially, with vaccination; for, who benefits is the bank and corpse making vaccines; and, all who such is made for are at risk; and, thus the dilemma of modern medicine; for, none have any idea about the vaccine cocktail and poison roulette;

if, you are pregnant everyone knows that a great risk is to the child in eutro or who is feeding from the breast; yet, you should know that if a beloved is ill; that, beloved would have been rejected from the trial for only extremely healthy babies might be used; yet, such poison is injected into all afterward; you, should know that in the storage of vaccine and mistake of vaccine manufacture and production; most, don’t consider the pleomorphic condition of colloidal biology; most, in biology are only in a dinosaur world where a lifecolloid isn’t considered in a life cycle; and, so you can see if you look in the open source; look, up that hot lots lead to disaster in vaccine; if, you want to learn about bio weapon; take, a look at how vaccine can be used as an attack using nagalese; in, the polio vaccine sv40 is a contaminant; so, as you are aware

When, synthetics were beginning to be sold by large companies; most, beloved had a suspicion about that; most, asked why would you put something which could never be found in a body; you, have nutrient that becomes depleted from poisons like such synthetics being administered; because, these have a detrimental affect physiologically and cannot be broken down; MSG, and peanut oil can be more hidden on a package insert when you look at what is listed; you, are looking at what is injected by perforating the membranes and administering such synthetic toxin without a natural root; and, the body rejects all such as toxin; ok?

When, a child is young; research, shows the blood brain barrier in boys especially hasn’t formed properly; and, contaminant can have from the the vaccine; attacked, neuro cells and caused necrosis; you, gotta remember you are looking at a cocktail of synergistic poison; no, one can say a vaccine has any efficacy; when, you look into vaccine ingredients you actually have to go beyond the adjuvants and preservative; you, gotta look for substances that have been used in the manufacture of that vaccine; and, also you’ve got to look at the included media production of the vaccine; most, of that could have been apparently removed from the final product; yet, you always find trace quantities; anyways, you can find straight up rock salt too which everyone knows you can’t get nutrition from licking rocks;

This, is well known that dis-ease comes from the inside of the body out; the, idea of being attacked from the outside is full of the bogus germ theory; you, are now looking at lifecolloid that is dysbiotic in the vaccine ingredient; such, put there only as an idea which the synthetic cocktail is supposed to heal you from; yet, you are investigating whole cell protein and broken cell protein envelope called antigen; and, then you are looking at chemical substance that is apparently used to cause immune system to react called adjuvants; then, you got tissue fixatives and preservatives also; poisonous, chemical compounds which are supposed to halt further chemical reaction and block and stop pleomorphism; that, multiplication via aggregation fusion and differentiation [AFD] causes decomposition and putrificaition

Such, goes on despite pasteurization in colloidal biology; numerous, articles exist on the toxic effect of aluminum and thinerosal; this, is observed that beta human chorionic gonadotropin [b-HCG] and estradiol and tween80 are definitely risks for sterilization and other contaminant are also; adjuvants, like aluminum squaline; synthetic, DL-a-tocopherol preservatives often exist like alcohol and glycerin and neomycin; mercury, formaldehyde are only such preservative yet all know is toxic; you’ve, also got detergents like sodium dioxycholate; you, generally got a range of stabilizers and in such you can find bovine material; kidney, cells from dogs fetal aborted material; gelatin, from animal part being boiled down; aspects, from monkeys can be found and methiolate; so, as indicated
Allergy, and anaphylactic shock if you open source; you, can discover how much knowledge is existing; in, how vaccine has caused disease to be induced in animal testing; obviously, this article is a small sampling of the research you can find; yeast, sorbitol soy parasites; latex, human DNA antigen protein; histodine, and glycerine; when, you look at how the measles virus is isolated for a vaccine; this, process would make you sick; but, lets not forget that chicken dna nanoparticle along with polysorbate 80 is only some of the contaminant; other, covert vaccine ingredient include mycoplasma virus from spores of bird neoplasm; simian, foamy virus nanobacteria; pestivirus, spores from rabbit; duck, and leukosis dysbiotic lifecolloid from chicken enzyme inhibitor; staphylococcus aureus lifecolloid; then, you’ve also got cyanide lead tin and often arsenic;
So, there really is no investigation of such a poison cocktail impact; certainly, such poison create deficiency of crucial body vitality; there, is no science at the moment supporting such because none in modern medicine can have yet availed themselves; to, cutting edge insights of colloidal biology and the secrets of the alkaline body; nor, have they looked into jubbs cell rejuvenation
love, jubb david

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