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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


Be First!
by July 25, 2017 Video Updates
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Analog, you might be surprised to discover; is, some ninety percent of what’s being communicated; and, the imagination of all beloved in this great land as originals; the, wasichu as a fat taker; fear, to be taken only for occupiers and not fact be emerged now more; as, this is interesting; you, can look into such about analog in the path of hollow bones; you, can read how;

Quanto, was this great beloved original; who, fed new arrivals here on turtle island and you could have heard of Pocahontas and Sacagawea; all, such brethren are a great hero to all of this rainbow family; and, cloud two children is happyface’s benefactor; ten, volumes of the path of hollow bones is of cloud two children teaching; which, is toltec; so, obviously
The, great sachem on turtle island were all made up of medicine beloved; who, had learned masterfully to communicate more; with, the other than conscious mind; and, could cause an induction; see, volumes four through seven to discover more of communication wellness masterfully; ok?

For, in ten can cause you to have the training of more structure of distinguishing in whole brain functioning; where, analog sculpting is at the center of an i aware matrix; where, you are able to find your place; so, obviously
Living, harmoniously in nature’s conspicuousness; you, in the future can have local integrated lifefood agrarianism and lifefood sustainable community; which, is what cloud two children inspired in happyface to speak and awaken; to, one medicine beloved to another; this, tradition is passed down to you in this moment for you to continue to learn of the importance of communion in analog;
This, can be seen that the toltec originals reached their heir in six hundred AD in southern turtle island; yet, maximum of the toltec stretch back to Atlantis; analog, sculpting is very creative in the application of what’s nonverbal; actually, cloud two children has specialized terminology to describe the syntax of behavior in the locus of control; one, word would be given to you every five days to make a sentence; someone, would arrange things on their desk to you; who, look at this to have a clear prosperity; medicine, as this cloud would have rock from a time gone by;

That, would show you how to track across a desert; a, night all of this being an infinity reflecting upon patterns of art and ways of looking at things; including, how information is stored; effects, health; one, would alter the wind and the water and the fire and earth and ether forces of themselves; all, being related to you being able to find your own place;
Obviously, you could read more into everything; the, elements involve twenty five deaths actually that one can pass through to be an agent for change; you, learn how body movements relate to ones internal neurological process; tracking, involves your ability to see something happen twice and to have the ability to track sensory specific patterns; herein, are manuals to learn how to read the body like a book;
Stalking, is the ability you and i have to change the course of one’s destiny; and, such is the art of making a dream; the, medicine beloved would be taught how to stalk and track and have implicit and implicit mind reading; you, would become learned in shamanism as far as one is concerned; you, basically have a right tuning south positive and a left turning north negative and you have another particle which is very neutral; an, east west origin; as, you would have moved toward you express a more state of being; as, if someone moved away; the, beloved would associate this to be a disconnect from somebody; so, in continuing to talk more about analog sculpting;

How, you say something can influence the way something is heard; certainly, a big difference occurs between the right and the left ear and how you process information memory learning; and, behavior learning states around you can influence the state of behavior that you can be in; so, analog sculpting is a very dear art; the, schwas that assisted in passing along the information; could, read from a long way and yet nothing is said and you can learn more through sign language;

Check out the path of hollow bones

Love jubb david

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