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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


Be First!
by August 8, 2017 Articles
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Cloud, commanded all to frame things positively; and, that a covenant is between all of us; which, is this language; this, language of peace; this, gift offered to thy shaman thyself; shown, you this way that is this happyface; for, the river never asked the priest which way it was to the sea; even, Jesus was told to follow the water pourer to know where to have a meal; its, an empty tomb anyone found; and this is the symbol of the eclipse; back, to front sea back into the west; you, and i live something which is of a natural shape; energy, is around us; not, straight or square us; you, go forward; clean, for before you can imagine just only an ancient moonscape it was only just yet the first sound which was the sound of rain; and, the wind and the rain fell on this house; and, floods came; after, the rains had descended;

You, wouldn’t want to have built your house where the sand was; yet, can you build your house so this is founded more on rock; this, rock of you; who, is wise which has this; where, you look in the medicine wheel; for, narrow is the gate as wide as yourself; most, can have gone by overlooking; and, ventured through the gate instead and wide; the, most go this way only to live for destruction; for, also whatever you do to others you do to yourself;

You, ask this happyface for things of virtue to be of this parent and child trinity where heaven is the space between two children playing; a, potato is not given when an orange was asked; a, stone isn’t given to who has asked for food; an, opening it is to you this is knocking; for, you are the one who is receiving; for, only it is that you would render to return again; otherwise, feet that you would be under trampled; for, a swine before pearls that you cast; and, neither as a dog biting at stones thrown; for, unto what is holy and of this path of hollow bones; nothing, such other be given; one, has got rid of its own hypocriticalness;

His, clothedness; for, it is of anything as important as everything including the sound of the crickets; you, could be holder of everything before you not the destroyer of anything; for, you are not better than anything else; one, shouldn’t be taken by thought of what they would eat and drink; theres, no way anyone could be of two masters; for, there is no light between us; no, light between wakan and a flying frog;

For, only to have stolen and broken; a, theft corrupted rusted of moth; eating, up is a treasure beneath yourself not laid up; for, you should rest and fast en; and, you forgive where trespass is; often, it is you to be forgiven of your own trespassing; for, you can be led more into i awareness; for, at this time of positive inductance not from debt; you, are given on this day a standard of living;

Better, public ledger is where only was decentralized of the past; speaking, much is what you hear; that, is whats of right action yet fame you don’t use; dancing, is an acceptable form of prayer; for, you most come light to this alter; you, have to feel light to see light in the minds eye;

For, you are rewarded; and, heaven be this mandate; and, for all hypocrites before any sound of a trumpet is finished; this, is the time of ALMing and the ALM; therefore, you should take heat of this reward; this, is the end of all usury; for, you can not be held as an infant decedent before the court; eclestics, you can only join like with like;

For, you to give for what is asked; for, you what is given; not, knowing in this day; no, one is turned away; and, that you can be gatherers; for, you have this supposing thumb; can, you follow me; you, may need to leave those around you; for, this is heaven here as a mandate; and, for this you only can be in your worship for this is written; not, just by lifefood alone but positive whole brain function work perceives from you in your acting;

The, story of the beloved in turtle island is indescribably sad that you could read in the path of hollow bones; yet, i want you to know; i, want you to have room and compassion; i, would travel the earth to connect with beloved who spoke no English; yet, a fat portion of what you and I can see is identical; when, i met cloud two children what I saw was undoubtedly wild; ornaments, beads and feather and; face, of red paint; can, you be the grandchildren of this great peacemaker; remember, there is nothing between wankan and a flying frog; for, this is real and is not in a static spot localized; yet, inside you and I all of us; can, you be more of whats warmth and blood; and not fiction after this day;

Love jubb, david

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