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Thursday, July 18th, 2019


Be First!
by August 9, 2017 Lifehouse
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Around, each beautiful earth covered lifehouse; you’d, have a feeling of a snug and stable temperature; really, of no consequence outside; for, the cold and gusted winds would whirl around the top of the dome; and, it was for all beloved a feeling now inside; of, a renewal having come; for, this was the big winds that would come in the spring;
Indoor, tasks you could see being done; of the days that in the cold of the storm; seemed, long now suddenly gone; and, cloud two children would say that the storage baskets would also have dwindled down to not much left; soon, all would know the warm rains would follow the wind having blown itself out; and, overnight you’d, see suddenly painted the meadows green with clover; and, you’d know also of succulent purslane; for, such a cover outside as the hills rose; you’d, see the meadows painted green; and, as talk is further here;

Over, seven generations of extended beloved would come together from over many villages; over, a big feast of some several days; a, spring equinox; a, ritual of life; beloved, would be having an opportunity to talk to each other; and, much story would be told in a way you’d be having a deeper inner meaning going on; so, subscribed the behavior of the beloved as savages over many generations; and engaging deep insight into relatedness; conception; child rearing; and attending to your family;

These, would be the daily circumstances of the day of beloved in turtle island living on the heart’s path; you, are giving to others what you would kindly giving to this self; you’d, walk into a lifehouse and smell sage cedar and bear-root burning for all to enjoy; echoes, of laughter you can hear all throughout the forest; for, can you see no light is between us; this, space between children playing is heaven on earth;

Compassion, and room; is, as this rainbow prophecy is fulfilled; the, chief component of compassion; apart, from joining with this beloved; is, finding a way to celebrate; for, where compassion is; for, it is this sun that is rising up over the west; room, is being given here; for, what is preceded; out, of a mouth is where you are modeling where your heart is in this moment; and, where the heart wasn’t so close to me; though, a mouth may honoring this eye; no, listening could have been; 
happyface, says to you; accept, to see you converted; as, children you can have other than entered heaven here; for, you have this blessed happyface inside; nothing, much discernible on the outside yet you have this i and have this inner devotion; so, obviously; 
Compassion, being a meeting of you this beloved where you are and finding a way to be celebrated; is, room for your fellow servant you save; for, even you who happyface says ‘i serve; i, have pity for; and, for this beloved you’ve followed this i you know you are’ in this eclipse movement; such, an action plan is a regeneration where a child is given back all rights and made whole again; for, no external entity can ever have taken a place of this beloved parent; or, can you ever not join like with like otherwise; clearly, 

As, a savage you’d only see all else as thieves of a den of a day; past, gone by where all had been made only by usury; and, infanticide; in, a bankers matrix; this, aquarian age is now about i aware matrix instead; where, this is the house we talk about here being heaven; and, via the devotion of your body, mind and spirit; love, is of this i inside; for, all is ALMed to you and is given; abundance, this is yet for who is not of this love of this i inside; taken, even of what all you have; so, obviously; 

In, kindness room is and compassion be; such, as any servant having fallen into darkness where weeping and teeth were gnashed; yet, you be in kindness before nature under natural law; for, you can see several generations in front of everything that you do; eclipse, you restore this covenant of parent child heaven; 

Love, happyface 

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