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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


Be First!
by August 9, 2017 Articles
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You, have many more than six senses to be applied; you, have a sense to perceive magnetic north and in actuality; you, are a medicine wheel; i, awareness achieved via items as a secondary means herein;
This, story being told of happyface and the path of hollow bones although indescribably sad; such, is given to you from being concise; sympathetic, and simple; for, even after the spring; the, clover would grow large and beloved would pass by to tend the bulbs;

Medicine, to you as a child of this universe is without any boundary; intimacy, is and this is loving you and how you keep self company;

This, article itself is such a medicine wheel like such found in the path of hollow bones; cloud, taught about building a bow like an archer behind your back; analog, sculpting the body and applying the vestibular system; you, learn what this means to be integrated associated and congruent;

Cloud, only had one teaching and this was about heaven; yet, who is i aware is an awakened one and is awakening; which, is different than most teaching; for, i pass on to you what cloud passed on to me and i adjust in giving this to you in this day;
Seeing, how you learn is my learning and how to apply such; the, coyote and the skunk and the eagle and the owl; model, excellence; and your listening causes your questioning for what’s not complete and symbolic reading is you sorting reality out from what’s not real;
Selection, restriction violation exists for the wolf and the otter and the raccoon and the buffalo; I, write a little of this to you if what’s been spoken;
Your, NAME is just your vessel; medicine, eagle sun eagle; dancing cloud and happyface; a, name tells you much; your, clan was all blood related yet with cloud; you, were taught the red path; a, path of ethic;
i, am giving this to you from my personal experience a great deal was given to me from body language; your, questing is vital for this is the flower of your truth as is the petal of a rose unfolded by this seeker and the returning spring;

You, would find cloud often sitting and lying close to the fire in a beatiful covered lifehouse; a, rabbit skin blanket haven been got ethically; to, follow me you may have to let go those around you; you, can take up this empty tomb of the eclipse symbol for all selfied outness be denied that you have this happyface inside as is this i; otherwise; let not your words be in front of these;

Fire, represented transformation; the, hawk sees with a great illuminated golden new beginning of the east; cloud, two children would teach me how to make a shield; crafted, to attract what was like minded and repel everything else like a dream catcher;

Yet, medicine is you having changed your ways and the word was intention; this, is the ability for you to touch feel and experience more; you, could see apprentices going on vision quests and the ability to determine a moment in time of a space of a giveaway; for, the medicine wheel was the way given to cloud by the great peacemaker;
You, would connect with actual touch to brothers and sisters and trees and grasses; you, would sit with a pipe and gift of sweet grass; lifefood, was for nourishment;
You, perceive yourself as a mouse or fox or an eagle in the canyons; can, you begin an adventure into this story of the path of hollow bones; you, can come to know red dog and jay byrd and read more about mc owl; 
At, cloud’s encampment; i, saw how beloved wept after holding clouds shield; those, who held the shield would realize the depths of grief that was inside; the, shield picked up by cloud two children and handed in this nights full moon; the, eagle coyote bear and buffalo have a medicine wheel;
i, remember this story in the day of the moons of summer and the days cloudless; cloud, would have repaired and thatched; such, medicine beloved would be totally naked and yet poison oak and rattle snakes would be all around;
The, medicine person could be laid down in a yuwipi ceremony in total darkness and in those moments; i, would have my hands tied and gagged; carried, to the center and light would enter from this healing ceremony; and, from a vantage of being bound and gagged; this, happyface at the end of the ceremony would come forward untied;
All, harvesting was like a big encampment and moments like this were most exciting to me; finding, material and philosophy; and, whilst i, was with cloud a rain and fog moon; dream, catchers and various tools would be made with baskets woven out of pine needle; i, remember some of the children’s piercing eyes; yet, to me most all i saw seemed to have eyes that looked like falcons; 
Inside, the earthen lifehouse a thermal bank was existing and above where the smoke would rise a ladder was; and, sometimes i’d climb the ladder and see that the closest hills was obscured as the rain was turned to steam by wind whistling around the earthen shelter; some, apprentices had volunteered to take baskets of acorn to another camp deeper in the forest and it was some full six weeks i was with cloud into the late fall; the, cold rain would come and turn into sleet; sky, came to pack some horses for cloud and another beloved; 
Horns, to the originals was as an antenna of cosmic energy and bladders also; i, would hear cloud say how much it was for such signs of nature be in my tongue spoken and during such a time; blaze, who assisted me write many early works; with, other apprentices would travel deeply into the hinterlands with the message of i awareness; can, you go to and become more learned of this path of hollow bones;
Love jubb, david

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