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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


Be First!
by August 9, 2017 Articles
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In, a time along time ago; you are taken on a journey of the originals; here, on turtle island; anthropologically, interesting and lively and remarkable; what, is unfolded to you in the path of hollow bones; is, about a state of being; which, is as this happy face inside you; which, is a state of power that you can find is equivalent to formlessness which is the art being presented to you herein; that, you are getting a historical leveling like a singular event; i, awareness raises for deep inside; and, integrity; for, this is room and compassion; for, this is the story of i; such, is written that; this, is speaking to you evermore deeply and further; of, the annals of a savage living in your i awareness;

This, story of i now is unfolding in this eleventh volume of the path of hollow bones; volumes, one through ten can be found at; in, analog as originals as a savage; as, a shaman in practice here on turtle island; for, in this story of i you are assuming excellence; this, is a primary modality for this story of i is from a savage who is a savior alone; and, how you keep self company; 
This, is as you can see; is, highly recommended reading; and, for you can see no words are minced and nothing is romanticized; nor, would you ever get any hint of any small sentiment; for, this text to you is from this first order; for, you and i can be as elegant as my benefactor cloud two children was for me; and, then this to you; a, mistake not repeated isn’t an error anymore; and, so fully with such beautiful roads a picture herein is being painted for you of this happyface;

As, you are aware now in this volume eleven of the path of hollow bones excerpt you’re reading from; as, you’re excited to read on; let, no other works this year be more important to you; for, let me take you beyond what you’ve desired; and, beyond what you automatically do; you’re, taken aboard evermore primary assortment to assume excellence and up to this point; you, are engaging in a fantasizing amount that is real in this moment; now to continue;
Itself, is this story i give to you to reach some common damnation where sadness actually is; yet, for such excessive be avoided by you so compassion elegantness and room be more in your whole; for, this story told to you is a child and a voiceless having been treated as a thing; and, my own sons kidnappedness to this day having been searching to void a court order; and, for those who stole my son did nearly put him to death and that those who had a job could save that job; to fill you in about what’s going on here; 
i, had participated in protected disclosure of official misconduct; whistleblower, retaliated so my son would be taken to shut me up; and, nearly put to dead by hostile guardians; for, some several years now is indescribably sad; yet, 
My, arrival at that slaughterhouse in New York City; this, etched day of such a fatalness was the combination of some unprecedented behavior; that, it was for me I had endured; and, yet not to be taken; for, it was; a, long long time ago before this at the age of ten; 
You, also like i could have had an experience that was utterly without hope; imagine, for any to have gone through a near death experience as 

i at such an age; and, being here after that experience was being in heaven; here, and that no care existed after this point of candidness of any living or dying; and, from this day timeless now it was even back then; i, built this beautiful rock cairn; this, be in honor of grace; I, be here only from providence;

i’d, stretch myself from that center point of this cairn i built when i was ten and i could feel myself being stretched from this point on; on, my family island in bastrate between Tasmania and Australia as a young adult i’d eventually take a track from this isolation more north and eventually over some years; to, turtle island; many, thousands of miles away from the place of my birth;
This, journey i can tell you more about has taken me across all the contents of the earth; and, i have even walked through Africa; and, not under any one roof except the sky; for, some year and a half; and, my journey back then and now has been always of an unexpected travel and taken me into countries and culture tradition that i did not know; i, wonder if;
Can, you imagine exhaustion and sometimes added grief and loneliness; yet, this was for me to see in my minds eye; 

i’d, feel light in my body once i met my benefactor; and, i could feel heaven is this mandate; for, this i have for ever see; for, you can find me many miles from home living without kin or necessary friendship; for, this one who can imagine; can, have gone beyond today to find apprentices; for, this task herein is put by some pieces for you of what has taken place; heaven, be restored again here on earth; 
Love jubb, david

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