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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


Be First!
by August 14, 2017 Video Updates
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This, coming eclipse happening in the heavens now with the messenger of Perseids only comes once every thirty-three years herein in the golden age is the decentralization in government toward a f.u.n and as it was back in august twenty-second one thousand forty two years a.d; the, year originals in turtle island in the great north east; you, have an unparalleled and uncanny model upon which five nations in turtle island came into a great federation; including the mohawk as per the ras of such a style to be the fashion of the day amongst the young ones; and, the oneida; the, onngonda; the cayuga and the seneca  of which cloud two children was related; and, then it was later on that other big nation did join in tuscarora which happened in the later part of the eighteen hundreds;

For, you’re to eclipse usury and be about the voice of the voiceless; you, get on with ALMing this awakening; and, the stories of the past of dehgenwida and haiowathga and a great chief called Jikonhsaseh(which means new face) this chief was called the peace queen; and, for now in this moment thats such a new mind that is this happyface in the rainbow prophecy; this, new nation is born as a federation of united nation; so, if you look back in history;

you, can see where back then the anglo American idea of the governing of turtle island of this day was influenced; and it was the eclipse as it was back then the eroquis confederacy of the originals ideas that was forwarded came to be part of the united states of America constitution; Albert, search was only written from the dead to represent the dead to what was fictional and not the joining of the living with the living as this eclipse movement is about; yet, back then as now it is this red path of common law; which, is being Brought back be evermore original as a confederation as a united nation that spells fun; so, in talking further

The, ALM is a currency that you and I own in its creation you and I are giving a standard of living of eleven thousand ALM per beloved on the earth; for, today there is no need for a centralized verification that lie through the senses; a, lower order; yet, today you and I have .now; that, this rainbow family is getting up where an ALM is equivalent to twenty-two dollars; and, a call is going out to all programmers so that the public ledger .now is created; a, past of .com which means commercial and now is .now which is this timeless moment; that, is of a decentralization that puts the bank where perception is; where, you can only be given your own account; and, as you can remember;

It, was a strange thing where ten English colonies was stated as being totally unpractical in; seventeen, fifty-four by Benjamin Franklin; yet, ben when on you can here Franklin say back then for the original there is at this moment a six unbreakable nation amongst savages; it, was an eclipse back then long before that moment that had blacked out what wasn’t useful and it was the colors red white and black that were applied today as in the day and the symbol of the eclipse be represented as a new face as a new nation as is brought about the sun is rising in the west; and, it is stated and foretold that a happy face would come in this day now from amongst you; and, for this happyface who is completely neutral; who, is of the mohawk tradition as the fashion is today; has, given all a one year moratorium where government from the year two- thousand eighteen to two-thousand nineteen for an ALM is being brought back to all being; because, of a decentralized nature so today you and I are building the biggest movement the world has ever seen; by; first, voting to eclipse usury; second, enacting a year moratorium; third, changing the body politic to reform banking;

For, a speck causing inflammation within your eye can have been removed; even, as Jikonhsaseh cleared away war back then and brought peace and assisted with this; you, also now in this time of eclipse can clear away the least of difference; for, what has separated all to one remain in a fictionalized occurrence your water only remain as a stranger to reality; for, you can pay attention to this rainbow prophecy at this time; which, is of diversity just like on the farm having no separateness; so, obviously

A, savage who is of no thinking is of new face as this happyface inside you know you are this I not dominated by any idea; even, such as eclipsenow for such is neither conscious or unconscious; for, eclipse is like whats happening in the heavens; as unfolding whats coming up you’ve been triggered to come aboard and been set up to be given an account; the ALM is a new currency;

So, as in the past as now; as, you and I have eclipse usury; we’ve, recovered a parent-child heaven over the lands; where, you’re easy able to uphold your original right for resources; can, be applied for perception rather than whats fictional; find, out more and get involved; be, part of this eclipse movement in this day; the, rainbow prophecy is writing itself out as the sun is rising in the west here; having, room; and, this is called you and I having compassion; and, this is the happy face inside communing together; as, a public ledger your news is verifiable; as, in; one, family; one, roof; one, holy nation; Just, as Jikonhsaseh back then in this time was called the peace queen; it, was back then in your mind and as this happyface a new nation could be existing;

Love jubb david

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